Going Nutz For A Better Body

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With the new year ringing in, one of the number one goals for most is to get in better shape. Gym memberships boom, online coaches and personal trainers thrive, and supplement companies push thermogenic like the ice age is upon us.

People step into gyms and get up early and go for jogs or even try to curl soup cans to kick off some of those saddlebags and beer bellies. But the biggest factor is following and sticking to a solid diet that is slightly below caloric needs.

People get burnt out with crash dieting or get sick of boring bland foods and miss their sweet or savory favorites and fall off the wagon faster than it took to even put the harness on the ponies.

But in comes a savior…. Professor Nutz!!! Peanut Butter is one of America’s favorite treats, but unfortunately peanut butter is loaded with fats. Now if you ask our dumb FDA guidelines they will tell you that peanut butter is a great source of protein…..sure at a 1:3 protein to fat ratio. Same garbage you hear about milk being a great protein source yet has a 1:2 ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

Well the folks at Professor Nutz have solved our creamy dreams by creating a natural peanut butter that has the fats and carbohydrates digestibility corrected by using vegetable based enzymes that encapsulate them so the body can not break them down and convert to usable energy that can be potentially stored as fat. That’s right folks the only thing you get is the protein from the peanuts.

So if your on your new years diet, grab yourself some Professor Nutz and smear it on some celery sticks for am amazing snack, or make a pb&j wrap on a low carb wrap with sugar free jelly, and kick butt at kicking your butt and realizing the weight loss goals you desire without feeling like you are restricting yourself from life’s great creations like peanut butter!

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