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Good Mornin - Detox and Gut Performance Drink
Start your day right with Good Mornin, the ultimate detox and gut performance drink that will transform your health from the inside out. This unique blend of powerful ingredients, supports gut health, cleanses the digestive tract, improves overall digestion, and reduces bloating. Try Good Mornin today and experience the benefits of a healthier gut and a revitalized you.
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Shredabull 2.0 is designed to incinerate bodyfat from every conceivable angle while suppressing harmful cravings and stabilizes your appetite, all while providing unparalleled energy levels to maintain intense performance.
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VITAMIN+ - Daily Health Support
Vitamin+, the natural, synthetics-free formula, packed with 78 naturally-occurring minerals derived from whole foods, giving your body a powerful boost of essential nutrients. Vitamin+ is the vegan-friendly solution that amplifies your wellness and supports your immune system, making it the multivitamin athletes truly deserve.
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If you want to build serious muscle, you need to take control of your hormones…

by Shopify API 14 Oct 2014

Bullk & TauroTest Article

One of the most common questions we receive here at Project AD is this:

“What’s the difference between Bullk & TauroTest? Why not just make one natural testosterone booster?”

It’s a curious question and one we’re glad that we have the opportunity to answer thoroughly today.bullk-500x500

A Quick Review of Bullk

The key components of Bullk include the following:

  • Bulbine Natalensis: This unique herbal ingredient is able to elicit rises in serum testosterone levels up to 347% above baseline levels, as well as decrease prolactin (a hormone that stimulates the release of female breast milk) by an average of 39%. A nice start, hey?
  • Bullk has also been designed to enhance protein synthesis (the formation of new proteins / muscle) with scientifically proven ingredients such as Beta-Ecdysterone, Avena Sativa & Zinc.
  • Lastly, along with a nice dosage of Vitamin D3, Bullk can also assist performance with the inclusion of Magnesium-Aspartic-Acid, Acetyl-Carnitine & Cordyceps, all of which support muscular contractions and can further support muscular growth.

In a nutshell, there were 3 key goals we wanted to achieve in the design of Bullk, and these would never be compromised. It was a case of going deeper, not wider when we formulated the product, and you’ll notice we don’t have an enormous blend of ingredients; instead, we picked only the most scientifically validated in their purest form (high quality extracts), which matched our ethos as a company. Those 3 goals were:

  1. Enhance serum testosterone levels
  2. Enhance protein synthesis levels
  3. Enhance performance in the gym

Not only did we accomplish them, we smashed the boundaries of what others had tried to achieve before. Supplementing with Bullk will lead to huge increases in testosterone and protein synthesis, potentiating your ability to grow. It’s also why we recommend increasing your protein intake due to the enhanced utilisation of the nutrient. Lastly, there’s also a correlation with increased performance when your testosterone is through the roof; the addition of key ingredients to support muscular contractions will further support this.


A Quick Review of TauroTesttaurotest-500x500

Whilst Bullk concentrates on huge increases in serum test levels and protein synthesis, TauroTest is a complete hormonal powerhouse that takes care of the other essential factors contributing to muscular growth. Invariably, it starts with assisting Bullk with further increase testosterone since it’s the Daddy of all muscle building hormones. Then, it goes much, much further. The key components include:

  • TestoBullism: While Bullk focused on serum test levels, the TestoBullism matrix found within TauroTest is able to elevate Luteinizing Hormone (LH) by a staggering 700% above baseline levels! LH is responsible for the synthesis of androgens, stimulating Leydig Cells in the testicles, which secrete testosterone. More test = more muscle, as we already know. TauroTest just utilises a different route to further strengthen this component.
  • EstoCut: This matrix has been designed to significantly reduce harmful levels of estrogen that can cause unwanted, stubborn bodyfat building up in the body as well as female-associated side-effects.
  • Secretrophin: TauroTest doesn’t just focus on testosterone; it supercharges your Growth Hormone (GH) levels, too! GH is essential for innumerable muscular and fat loss functions in the body, positively influencing both sides of the spectrum. Buying synthetic GH would set you back hundreds of pounds on a monthly basis.
  • cAMP – One of the coolest mechanisms we included in the formula was cAMP agonists, which are able to assist in breaking down fat cells, making TauroTest a truly powerful supplement for altering body composition.
  • TauroDrive: Lastly, the TauroDrive comple was designed to upregulate all these intricate matrix’s, putting TauroTest in a league of its own when it comes to absorbing powerful compounds.

So, just like we did with Bullk, here are the 5 key components and goals we had integral to the design of TauroTest:

  1. Enhance Luteinizing Hormone, leading to an increase in testosterone
  2. Enhance Growth Hormone
  3. Reduce Estrogen
  4. Enhance fat loss and body composition through the inclusion of cAMP agonists.
  5. Ensure optimal absorption


Putting It All Together

As you can see, two supplements that may appear very similar on the surface, but when you delve deeper, you’ll realise that apart from testosterone being a fundamental part of the puzzle, they do have distinct differences.

Can you combine them together? Absolutely. It’s a monstrous stack, and all the aforementioned goals combined will surely result in phenomenal gains in muscular development, sex drive / libido, performance in the gym and a reduction in estrogen and bodyfat levels. Sorry for tooting our own horn, but that’s bloody awesome and sounds like the ultimate hormonal powerhouse stack to us.

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