IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone Discusses Time Under Tension & Does it Matter?

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We sit down with one of the most respected pro’s in the game, IFBB bodybuilder Dominick Cardone, as he shares thoughts on the concept of “Time Under Tension” (TUT) and its importance to muscle growth.


Time under tension – Does it matter?


One thing for sure we know about training is, there is more than “one way to skin a cat”.


I personally love time under tension.


For most of my career, I always was ballistic with heavy weight. It worked due to my genetics and because of the volume with heavy weight. However, it didn’t get me the “Dense” look I could’ve had.


I’ve come to find that TUT, is needed to truly recruit all the muscle fibers for maximum stimulation.


Of course, with certain movements and situations, a big of a faster tempo will be needed, such as higher volume pump workouts, or athletes looking for more endurance gains such as football players etc.


But to build true, thick, dense muscle, TUT is the way to go. You want to fully maximize the mind to muscle connection when doing so to truly reap the benefits. I will discuss different ways to approach this in the video.




In order to maximise hypertrophy, Dominick is a firm believer that the stress you impose upon the muscles via TUT is the way to go. With a physique like his and his clients’ results, it’s difficult to disagree with his logic!

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