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At Project AD, we’ve always prided ourselves on our customers. Not only do you guys buy into what we’re about, – innovative, zero-compromise quality supplements – you’re also some of the most educated and hardest training athletes and lifters out there. We know that when we talk about an important issue related to fitness, you’ll enthusiastically lend us your ears with hunger for more knowledge to attack the weight room with.

With that being said, today is one of those moments where we need to talk about one of those important issues. It’s also a topic that’s grossly neglected by far too many of us, and one that might be wreaking havoc on our current training efforts. With that being said, here are three essential components you need to take preemptive measures on in your training and nutritional strategies.

The 3 Enemies of Training


1: Central Nervous System (CNS) Fatigue

Your body is unbelievably adept at adapting to the stress you impose upon it from a physical perspective. When people talk about taking a battering from training, they typically are quick to shout “overtraining” and pinpoint that as the problem. It’s usually not the answer though.

Through our evolutionary biology, we’ve been designed to be physical specimens, competent at performing tasks such as heavy lifting, carrying, pushing and sprinting; these were all necessary skills to have in order to hunt and survive, and perform them regularly as not doing so would mean starving to death. These days, we have the novelty of being the dominant species and capitalism, meaning we can buy produce as opposed to hunting for it.

Why is this important? Because it means so many of us have been neglectful of our historical routes, and as such, it can be immensely stressful to the body when returning to something out of practice. But that’s only the beginning, and if you’re a regular trainer it’s likely you can tolerate large amounts of volume in your program. What we are absolutely failing to do these days is eat the RIGHT types of foods, sleep over 8 hours per day, spend time in large, open green spaces and get adequate rest. Instead, we’re plagued by modern day stressors and toxins, leading to our body’s becoming polluted and dysfunctional, and it’s often difficult to fight back against in our current environments. Back in the day, hunting, sex and sleep were the requirements of a successful life. These days, it’s a mortgage, nice car, hot wife, educated children, savings in the bank and that’s just the start of it. This, believe it or not, causes an immense amount of stress to the body and it’s reflected in people’s moods. Massively lowered testosterone and potential to build muscle are just the beginning of CNS fatigue.

This is where InvinciBull initially makes its grand entrance to the arena of life. Fighting back against the stressors and toxins with an immense amount of powerfulantioxidants, it cleanses the accumulated waste in the body which is a crucially overlooked factor of training success. Powerful ingredients such as CQ10, Grape Seed Extract and NAC are effective purifiers that also help the body in regulating homeostasis. That’s too important to overlook in the grand scheme of things, and we know our customers have the upmost respect for their body’s health as a vehicle driving them towards crushing their training goals.

2: Broken Immune System

What does it mean if you’re constantly sick, depleted of energy and struggling to hit new PR’s? Probably that your immune systems in tatters.

Closely linked to CNS fatigue, a broken immune system can be caused by all the previous factors mentioned in the previous section. A lack of sleep and exposure to good quality nutrition are two of the main contributors, and it’s a sad fact that so many of our diets are distinctly lacking in vegetables, fruits and other nutrient rich sources. When you’re training like a beast, your body is desperately calling for more of these fine vitamins and minerals, and a basic “5-a-day” style diet doesn’t cut it we’re afraid – you need the best quality, most concentrated extracts to support your immune system and to safeguard yourself against potential illness.

Much more than supporting your general health, however, InvinciBull was designed with specific dosages of key vitamins and minerals to support your training efforts, meaning that the ingredients within the formula also lay down the foundation for building muscle and losing fat. It’s like an iron deficiency; the requirements for an athlete are generally two times higher than that of a non-training individual. It just makes sense to cover that and ensure you’re providing the building blocks for muscle gain. If you’re willfully ignorant, then it’s difficult to complain when your returns on investment aren’t up to speed.

3: Savaged Joints

This one is unavoidable if you train like an animal. As all Herd Members know at Project AD, if you want 18 inch arms or 26 inch quads, you probably need to be benching 140kg for reps and squatting 180kg, too. Quite frankly, to reach those numbers, your joints are going to take a pummeling. After all, extreme training efforts are required for extreme results, but that comes at a consequence.

The SynthaJoint Complex in InvinciBull was designed for this exact scenario. It bulletproof’s the body with effective dosages of powerful compounds known to protect, nurture and repair joints, tendoms and ligaments.

This one is pretty straight forward. Protection is the best form of restoration. Safeguard yourself with InvinciBull.

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