Jamie DoRego’s Bodybuilding Knowledge Bombs

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We ask up and coming pro bodybuilder Jamie DoRego to share his thoughts on some of the most contested training and nutrition concepts around bodybuilding. Read on to see his thoughts!




1) What is the ideal amount of time for a contest prep?


It’s all dependent on body fat levels at the time of beginning a prep. With that being said, I always prefer longer preps. In general, I would always shoot for a 16 week prep for a show as I’d much rather prefer to be ready early and able to cruise into the show rather than chasing my tail last minute to be ready in time.


Time, in my opinion, means less stress and an easier prep with more food!


2) When should somebody introduce cardio into contest prep?


Again, this is specific to the individual, as it will depend on metabolism, training intensity/volume and general daily output!


My best advice would be to start low and slowly increase as and when needed as your body changes.


Think of cardio as a tool in the tool box that you can use to bring about a change; you don’t want to use all your tools at once.


3) What is the optimal meal frequency for muscle growth/protein synthesis?


I’m a big believer in meal frequency: I believe in eating a good 5-7 meals per days to keep the body constantly working, as muscle growth will all depend on overall calories consumed.


This may need to be over 5 or even 8 meals depending on the individual’s appetite and how their body is responding.


I think nutrient timing and frequency is very important in a prep of a off-season phase!


4) What calorie surplus should I eat at to gain muscle when bulking?


Again, this will depend on a individual.


You have to take into account multiple factors: current condition, metabolism and daily output.


I would suggest anywhere from 16-20kcals per lb of body weight.


The macronutrient split would be determined on there body type and how they utilise and process food… e.g an endomorph is usually carb sensitive so I would in this case lower carbs and increase proteins and fats.




Jamie is one of bodybuilding’s up and coming stars, so take his advice to heart and apply it to your own routine for maximum results to become elite!

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