Joseph Mackey : The AD Experience

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ProjectAD has been on my radar since years ago when Frank, Vice President, turned me on to ProjectAD. I remember telling him I was having a hard time getting all my meals in because I was prepping for my pro show and my food intake was very high. Frank introduced ProjectAD Ravenous to me because it stimulates your body’s hunger hormones and helps break down food more efficiently, which in return, helps eating consistently throughout the day A LOT EASIER! After a week of trying Ravenous I noticed a night and day difference in my metabolism and it also helped overall digestion with the protein and carbs.

After trying and seeing how effective this product was, I became interested in getting my hands on what else the ProjectAD line had to offer. Days later I went out and purchased majority of the line and noticed a night and day difference in how my body was feeling.


I noticed how powerful the Aminotaur BCAAs were the first day I took them. I noticed improved endurance and strength throughout my workouts and also better recovery between sets. It’s packed with all the right ingredients, 11.5 amino acids per serving and I can tell the difference when I don’t take them so now I make sure I don’t leave home without them.


When I mention Shredabull to people, their eyes light up because majority I have told already take it or now take it. Saying Shredabull is strong is an understatement. It’s highly effective and it’s the best fat burner on the market. I’m not a morning person and I like to do fasted cardio throughout the week. I have a ten min commute from my place to the gym. Once I leave my place I’ll take 1 Shredabull and by the time I’m pulling in the parking lot I’m actually feeling great about going in and dominating some cardio. Cardio sessions are insane with Shredabull and I get the same energy and effectiveness every time I take it. And get this… it doesn’t make me crash hrs later!


This guy is literally my savior for my body and I owe a lot to it since it’s helped out tremendously with my metabolism. Being an Open Pro Bodybuilder, eating a lot comes with the territory. Ravenous is the best appetite enhancement and digestive aid on the market. Before Ravenous I remember having breakfast and not being hungry again for 4-5 hrs. My plan consists of me eating every 2.5-3. Taking Ravenous before my meals now helps break down my food more efficiently and therefore enhances nutrient partitioning in the process. I’m able to eat more calories, more consistently throughout the day. We all know, no matter what type of athlete you are, if you want to build muscle, you have to eat! Use Matador & Ravenous to make that process easier!


How many people like to enhance nutrient absorption each meal and minimize fat gain? If you answered yes, take Matador prior to any high carb meal because it does just that! It’s especially effective for those who are sensitive to carbohydrates during fat loss programs. Matador is a ultimate glucose disposal agent that drives nutrients into the muscle for extreme growth and away from unwanted fat storage.


By taking the heart and liver plus my blood work has been at a all time best. I don’t know where to start with these guys. AD HEART + is the most comprehensive formula for safe guarding the body’s well being in regards to the body’s cardiovascular system. It improves blood flow and cleanses the body of harmful substances.

AD LIVER+ is a liver detoxification that does EVERYTHING that a liver detox should do. It helps break down nutrients, fats, amino acids and supports optimal hormone imbalance.

Prior to taking these guys I was taking 10-15 pills a day of great antioxidants/vitamins. Combining the ad heart and liver plus has minimized the vitamin intake because everything you need is packed into a serving of each products.

I am passionate about these ProjectAD because every product I take with my regimen has made my health, growth and workouts advance tremendously. I take pride in staying behind ProjectAD because we take no shortcuts and quality is everything.

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