Maximize your quad training

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Everyone knows that bringing up your legs is not an easy task, below I’m going to give you all a detailed workout that will push you to the limit.

When we think about leg training or training in general we MUST focus on connection and contraction over weight, loading up the bar may look cool but we are not in the gym to build an ego, we are here to build muscle. The key is you fail within the reps and ranges, so this means do not speed the movement up as you start to fail, instead fail within the movement, embrace and accept the pain rather than running towards it. This is a key point I can’t stress enough, too many run away from the pain and start to increase the rep speed and let there form slip. Keep it all under control, remember that you are in control of the weight and not the weight in control of you!

Exercise 1:

Leg extension.

5 second positive, 5 second contraction, 5 second negative, pause for 1 sec at the bottom (off the stack) 5-7 reps to complete failure.

Rest 10 seconds

Normal controlled reps to failure using the same weight as above. Think control.. 2 seconds up 2 seconds down in a pumping motion.

Rest 10 seconds increase the weight by 25%

Partial reps from the bottom of the movement. 20+ reps

4 sets of the above

Exercise 2:

Hack squat.

3 second negative, dead-stop at the bottom and explode up, do not lock out at the top of the movement, keep the red Jon in the quads. 8-10 reps

10 seconds rest

Pump out as many controlled reps as possible… to failure

4 sets of the above

Exercise 3:

Leg press

Controlled movement of 15-20 reps, no lock out, keep tension in the quads… 3 sets of this

On your 4th set you will perform a rest pause set to 50 reps… (rest pause is where you will hit failure, rest or re rack the weight if needed, take a 10-15 second rest, then continue the remaining reps Until you hit your targeted rep range, you may need to rest pause multiple times to hit reps)

Exercise 4:

Leg extension top range partials… just working the top of the movement, contract hard.. 20-30 reps

Superset with

Walking lunges 20 reps each leg (add weight if needed to reach failure)

3 sets of the above

If this leg workout is performed correctly to maximal effort you will struggle to even contract your quads by exercise 4. Remember the key points:




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