My Approach To Training Volume and Intensity

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My current training split, my approach to training volume and intensity

Over the years I have done various amounts of different training techniques and styles. I really don’t believe that there is a “best” method, I think each style has its place and can be beneficial.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of the current progressive overload hype, this is just my personal opinion. I’m seeing more and more people chasing numbers and focusing on weight over form, it’s all well being strong but if you are not connecting or stimulating the muscle then what’s the point?! Another issue I have with this style is I’m seeing more and more bodybuilder become injured because they are simply trying to beat what the log book says, torn biceps and triceps etc.

My personal approach is to focus on contraction, connection, tension and stimulation. Our muscle only knows tension, it does not know a 70kg dumbell is a 70kg dumbell. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I never go heavy because I doc, sometimes my rep ranges go as low as 5 reps but if this is the case the tempos will completely change to make a lighter weight heavy. For example a incline press may be done with a 5 second negative 5 second pause 5 second positive and a 5 second contraction for 5 reps… this will itself make a relatively light weight extremely heavy.

For me now is about being smart and thinking long term. Last thing I need is any injuries, I have to think longevity and try to stay as healthy as possible whilst pushing my body. This means I have to train smart. Back in the day I was the guy trying to lift stupid amount of weight but I soon realized if I kept training this way there is no way I would see 30. I’d of been full

Of injuries. Be smart and be logical when training. Focus on your contraction and feeling every single muscle Fibre work. The key is your in control of the weight, focus on the muscle your using and never lose a single rep

My current training volume is pretty high but I’m a big believer in volume. I think I can help a great deal when it comes to getting lean and mean less actual time spent doing cardio. This prep I found I did very little cardio because my training volume was higher. This helped me stay much fuller and kept my legs big and full as I didn’t have to pound the treadmill. It also allowed me to eat much more food during prep due to a higher training volume. The key in my opinion is to keep training intense, push every session to the limit.

My current split as of now:

  • Day 1: Am Chest Pm Back
  • Day 2: Am Arms Pm shoulders
  • Day 3: Am quads, Pm hamstrings

I use this as a rotational 3 Days… I don’t have a specific rest day I simply rest when my body needs to. Some days if I don’t feel like doing my pm session because my body feels tired I’ll rest and just continue with the cycle. For me it’s about listening to my body when it comes to rest days. On average I’d say during this offseason phase I’m generally having one rest day per week but again this may vary depending on feel

The Am/pm split is tough but I’m seeing huge benefits in fullness and growth. I also believe this style is really helping my body utilize any food I give it and keeping me very solid and lean during this offseason phase

I’m very interested to see how my physique progresses over the coming months with this new style.

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