Should you hire a coach?

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So no body really discusses if you “need” a coach per say. To be honest, with years of experience of seeing so many different clients and learning their length of knowledge. I honestly feel most can benefit from a coach. There is way to much false information online. As well as so much different information, that a beginner will be confused. Even people who have been involved for so long, cant seem to find what works or figure whats true etc.

Working with a coach not only leaves out the guess work, but keeps you accountable. If your required to check in each week, most will stay on top of their plan. Especially if paying for a coach, most dont want to waste money. However, many DO waste money and time which is mind blowing to me. When hiring a coach, be honest and open with them. It will not only keep you accountable and help form a trust worthy relationship, but will help them better learn your body.

Leaving out guess work, will save you a lot of money and time. Especially in todays world of misinformation, and over complication. Youll hopefully be able to achieve your goal faster and maybe even see what worked for your body. I will say, if your using a coach to “learn”, most will not teach you what they do or explain everything. There is nothing wrong with this, but realize it is a thing and if thats not what your looking for, than seek out someone who will (obviously someone reputable). Find a coach whos past and current clientele meet up to your level of goals. Has the clients achieved wins or looks you are going for? Have any gone pro? Have any lost a significant amount of weight? Has the coach walked the walk you want to walk? All things to take into consideration. So by all means, I encourage everyone to seek out a coach that will help you achieve whatever it is you are looking to do!

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