ShredaBull – Staying Lean Year Round

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Staying In Contest Shape Year Round & ShredaBull


Folks, listen up. For years now, the term “bulking” has been completely taken out of context. It’s been used as a lame excuse to accumulate a ton of fat; to stuff ourselves silly full of pizza, Ben & Jerry’s and other calorie-laden treats we know full well have no place in an athletes diet. Yet we justify it through this word, “bulking”. But that’s not what it means.

The Right Way to Build Muscle

It’s become all too common these days to see individuals balloon out of control when trying to add a substantial amount of muscle mass. Usually, as soon as the Autumn / Winter hits, people rush out enthusiastically to buy all these obesity-inducing foods and start launching them down their throats to increase total caloric intake. Abs? They’re not in fashion anymore. Having no neck, retaining more water than an aquarium and generally just looking like a downright mess seem to be the new fashion.

Or is it? The last two years in particular has seen a subtle shift in approach. Countless experts, trainers and industry leaders are now uniting in saying, “enough is enough”. The calls are ubiquitous. Adding 6lbs of muscle and 15-20lbs of fat is simply illogical at best, a fallacy at worst – especially when dieting back down you’re likely to lose roughly 3-4lbs of that muscle. Why? Because taking that 15lbs-20lbs of fat off is going to mean you have to diet for twice as long as you would had it been around 7-8lbs of fat. The result if your so called “bulk” was simply this: you increased the number of fat cells in your body, adversely affected insulin sensitivity and substantially raised estrogen. Why on earth anybody would strive to “achieve” this is beyond us at Project AD.

The maths is simple. A gradual, slower process of building muscle is massively more efficient than an absurd binge on garbage. Not only will your body retain more of the muscle when it comes to fine-tuning your physique, you’ll also have a far better balance of testosterone to estrogen, less fat cells and, quite frankly, look a damn sight better. Lean bulking is the new way to build muscle. And the sad thing is, it was the original way, too – we just abandoned it. Ever seen a picture of the ‘Golden Era’ bodybuilders looking like a fat mess in their prime? Us neither.


How To Do It

This is where a difficult conundrum emerges. See, to build muscle, as we know, requires a surplus of calories in the bloodstream. Too little, and the body will build at a snail’s pace, if at all. Too many, and, well, I don’t think we need to go over what will happen again, do you?

Here’s a quick and powerful strategy we’ve been experimenting with at Project AD the last year with some of our most elite athletes that’s quickly caught on to our customers: integrate ShredaBull.

“What?! A fat burner!”, we hear you say. Maybe so, but consider this:

  • ShredaBull is the first fat burner on the market containing two potent fat burning matrix’s that DON’T adversely affect muscle building.
  • ShredaBull’s NeuroZone matrix doesn’t induce psychopathic-like jitters, providing clean, consistent energy without over-saturating the CNS.
  • The real magic is CortiKill: A blend of compounds that destroys any excess of cortisol, meaning there’s no vicious breakdown of muscle tissue and that the fat burning can take place interrupted.
  • LipiCarbolate partitions nutrients from your diet towards muscle and glycogen storage and away from fat cells, making ShredaBull perfect for a bulk as a powerful nutrient manipulator.
  • Lastly, the Secreteophin complex elevated Growth Hormone (GH) levels. Who doesn’t want more of that when it comes to building muscle and blitzing fat?!

As you can see, ShredaBull is much, much more than just a fat burner. It’s a powerful nutrient partitioner; a body recomposition agent that can manipulate the direction nutrients go in the body, as well as killing off fat accumulation in its tracks.

Try something unconventional this year. Incorporate ShredaBull into your next bulk, and watch how rock solid the gains are. It’s no surprise ShredaBull has been coined as one of the most versatile supplements ever created.


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