Sodium and Bodybuilding with IFBB Pro Dom Cardone

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One of the biggest mistakes I had made personally was regarding sodium. For YEARS, I did not salt my food. I only relied on what was in condiments, which wasn’t enough. I was always flat as shows, clearly not enough to where it hurt my placings. But I could have for sure been better. People are usually scared of salt due to the public stigma that surrounds it…

We need sodium as humans to function. Proper hydration, muscle contraction, blood pressure control, organ health, blood flow and more. As bodybuilders, it’s ESPECIALLY important for building a physique. Sodium is a transporter of nutrients and we eat A LOT of food. Aside from having crazy pumps with sodium, it also helps give a fuller, harder look. As the muscle is made up of water as well, sodium helps us “hold” that water. When in prep, and especially low carbs, sodium and water are essential for having proper blood flow, contractions, and staying “fuller”. If you get in true contest peeled condition, then you can handle much more sodium and water than you think! I had some clients go upwards of 10,000mg! Of course not everyone is the same, and some are more sensitive than others.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt are my go to sources.

Make sure you measure how much sodium you are using so you know how to control that variable. Especially during peak week and when using diuretics. You should NOT be totally cutting sodium for days at a time. If a coach has you do this, RUN. Sodium also helps control certain hormones such as aldosterone. Cut sodium out, aldosterone rises and your body will hold water as a defence mechanism. So keep in mind that sodium is one of your most important tools!

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