The 3-Legged Stool by Joe Mackey

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Structure plays a role in everything we do. In our careers, workouts, nutrition and overall goals. Without structure you could wonder all over the place and it could cause things to go inconsistent in the things you want to accomplish. When it comes to our health I describe structure as the 3 legged stool. The 3 legs stand for Nutrition, workouts and cardio. I call it a 3 legged stool because without one of the three legs that stool will tip over and fall down.

I always feel whether you’re getting ready for a event or just living every day life, structure with nutrition is always necessary. For me personally, if I didn’t stay on a regimen with my food intake I’d probably go to the store and buy everything in sight. Having a regimen whether I’m on or off prep always gives me a sight to keep in mind and it helps so I’m not bouncing around thinking about where or what I’m going to eat throughout the day. A game plan when it comes to your workouts and cardio is just as important because it’s helps to know how and what body part and movements you will execute prior to going to the gym. Without a plan, you could find yourself lost. Be sure to keep your rest periods between 60-90 seconds so you can keep your heart rate up which will keep your body in the fat burning zone.

Intensity is super important when it comes to your workouts and cardio so stay focused and train hard.

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