The Importance of a Balanced Off Season with Joe Mackey

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The importance of a good offseason is just as important as a prep. Unfortunately at times, People tend to think that just because you’re not getting ready for a competition, that it’s not important to stay on a regimen. Overall whether I’m prepping for a show or in offseason, I like to have structure all year long. In our industry, It’s became known as either trying to figure out should I be lean or big and bulky. In reality a offseason consists of balance. Off season does not mean get fat and eat and drink whatever you want. When you do so, You increase fat cells and it makes it harder to lose body fat when you’re ready to start back getting in shape.

Without having a plan, it’s too easy to stray away and become comfortable which unfortunately results into getting out of shape. It’s easier to get out of shape then it is to get in shape.

Years ago when I first begin prepping, I too was guilty of eating whatever and gaining unnecessary lbs of weight. I tipped the scale at 310 lbs one offseason thinking that’d it’d make me bigger on stage for competition.

Did it work? Absolutely not. It actually made it harder to get in shape and I ended up having to do more cardio and diet harder just to reduce my body fat. I personally like to stay on a structured plan and get no higher then 12% body fat in offseason with a occasional cheat meal every weekend. I also stay consistent with fasted cardio 3-4 times a week which is important as well for overall heart health. Having structure in your offseason sets you up to be successful both mentally and physically. I always keep in mind that I’m a walking reflection of my commitment thru health and how I maintain my body thru in season and offseason is not necessarily about prep, but a way of life.

Overall, think of offseason as the best way to prepare yourself to be successful. Keep your body fat maintained and always stay on a regimen with flexibility with foods. You’ll save yourself less problems and also maintain overall health.

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