The most Overlooked Supplement for Pro Bodybuilders by Dominick Cardone

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dominick Cardone provides some strong truth’s all pro bodybuilders need to be aware of when competing and supplementing.


What is the most overlooked supplement for pro bodybuilders?


To be totally honest, there is way more than one overlooked supplement. I can name more than a dozen that would benefit pro bodybuilders.


What are they? Health supplements.


At the pro level it is known that the use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) is common, and these substances do have negative health effects.


You can, however, make an effort towards trying to prevent a lot of these problems with the correct supplements.


We can possibly prevent heart disease, kidney and liver issues with simply adding in a good stack of high quality supplements.


What are some of these things?


For liver, AD Liver + stacked with Tudca is IDEAL for liver health.


As for kidney health, Liver + by AD has a few ingredients for kidneys but I like to take it further with golden resources kidney stuff and astragalus.


Heart health, of course we have AD Heart + which is packed with heart healthy ingredients which are all licensed and certified.


I can go even deeper here but this is the general idea I have for the question.




If you’re aiming to compete in the pro ranks, then health supplementation needs to be at the forefront of your arsenal, not just muscle building and fat stripping compounds.


Take heed to Dom’s advice for a career built on longevity in your quest for bodybuilding domination. Stack up on the AD Wellness range here as your insurance.

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