The Truth Behind Getting Stage Lean with IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone

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We asked our team to get together and share their best tips for peaking in top condition for competition. Sharing here today is IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone:

1) Best advice for peak week?


Peak week isn’t a magical week that will get you in shape. Two things that can be done: you can be fuller and drier. You can’t fix fat that’s left!

It is imperative all fat is off prior so that peak week you can focus on becoming full and dry. Mainly dry, as most people do not need to be as full as they think.

2) What stage out should you start your prep?

It really depends. For me personally, I’ve always done 12 weeks out. Some clients I work with start at 16 weeks out to bring them down really slow and have them ready early.

You shouldn’t be going into a 12 week prep really out of shape. Use the couple of weeks before to clean it up then go into prep.

3) What key strategies do you use to give you/clients an edge on the competition?

Pose pose pose – there is no excuse for bad posing on stage. It is a bodybuilding show – we pose. So there should be no reason why posing is bad. You should be able to execute the poses perfectly and have endurance with posing.

Another tip I’d give is to make sure you are taking health supplements. Healthy organs make body functions that much better.

In doing so, it will reflect on the outside and will help you achieve a cleaner more crisp physique. Heart +, Liver + should be staples in everyone’s regiment. As well as Fiber +, Grazed and Ravenous for overall gut health.

IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone

–       Contest Prep Coach

–       Project AD Athlete

–       2014 NPC Nationals HW Champion

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