Training intensity builds muscle

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These days there is always a new craze when it comes to training, the majority follow what is popular and current rather than actually focusing on what works for them. Every week we here of a new training style or method, it happens so much I can’t even keep up.

For decades bodybuilders at the top of the game have built muscle off the basics! Stop overthinking and over complicating training. You want to know how to build muscle? Basic, heavy, Intense training WORKS! It’s that simple. Look st the majority of the top Olympians, you will see that 99% of them do the same training style. Split body parts each day giving focus to one major muscle group!

My philosophy when it comes to training is very straight forward! Go into the gym, destroy the muscle from multiple angles until there is nothing left to give and leave. I can’t stress how important it is to push to your absolute limits when in the gym. You should be giving 110% every set and every workout. Go in the gym with an animal like mentality. You are there to work and destroy everything in your path!

Below is my current split for the week.

Day 1: 1pm back, 7pm arms

Day 2: 1pm quads, 7pm hamstrings

Day 3: 1pm chest, 7pm delts

Day 4: 1pm back, 7pm arms

Day 5: 1pm hamstrings, 7pm quads

Day 6: 1pm chest, 7pm delts

Day 7: rest

Sessions are kept as heavy and intense as possible. We push much weight as possible whilst keeping rest periods very short, maximum 60 seconds in between sets! Volume is high making sure we hit the targeted muscle form every angle. Generally I would do 7-8 exercises per body part, increasing the weight every set of 4 sets in the rep ranges of 8-20 reps, the last set we will perform a triple drop set. I can’t stress enough how much intensity is key! This is what will get you in shape and bring real condition to the stage.

I’m a huge fan of the old school double split. The fullness I have seen over the last couple months is insane, it’s also allowed me to keep cardio very low and get leaner and denser week by week.

I’m not saying this split would work for everyone as it can be very taxing on the body and is for more advanced lifters. Everyone’s training capacity is different, some need more rest than others, some are able to push the body harder for longer. It’s vital you keep on top of rest and recovery. I personally have to get deep tissue work 4-5 times per week in order to keep this training intensity and volume. Once your body adapts to the work load you will start to really see the benefits out double split training.

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