Why I Decided to Become a Coach by Stef Nadine

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Why I decided to become a coach

I honestly believe that one of our prime purposes in life is to help other people. I wanted to help people the same way that someone once helped me. Training and dieting has taught me a great deal of discipline. It has shown me what is achievable when you put your mind to something. When it comes to fitness, we only get out what we put in, and there is no cheating your way around it.

I watched myself grow both physically and mentally. I wasn’t the most confident of people before I started lifting. I was very skinny, shy and forever low on energy. Hell, I didn’t even really know what I was doing when I first started going to the gym (who does?!).

But when I finally hired a coach, having someone there to guide me through the whole process made the biggest difference. I was learning more about my body and myself, pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible. It was nice to have someone behind me that wanted to see me do well, just as much as I did!

And from then I decided that was what I wanted to do. To have the same impact on people’s lives that my coach had on mine. Because I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without it, and I wouldn’t be doing what I love every single day either. There’s no better feeling than seeing your clients happier, healthier and beaming with confidence. It’s not just the physical transformations that I love but the mental transformation too. When a person feels good about themselves they have this undeniable glow about them.

It’s not just about changing someone’s appearance but helping them to change their mindset and lifestyle too! So I’ve made it my goal to help women around the world achieve their own goals, and what’s more fulfilling than that?

Stefanie Nadine
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