Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull

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Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull

Since the beginning of time, gym rats have feverishly attemptedinvincibull-500x500 to push the boundaries of muscular growth and progress in the gym. This has led to the development of an array of intensity techniques to extend the challenges posed by normal working sets. Not content to simply smash a challenging set of 8 repetitions out before the obligatory 3 minute rest, we’ve persisted with developing various ways of extending conventional sets and to inflict further torture upon our body’s. While it’s undeniable this has often led to great results in hypertrophy, it’s also apparent that these techniques, if employed too often, can take their toll on our joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as being damaging to the central nervous system (CNS) if performed too frequently. Thus, it becomes a fine balancing act on how frequently to implement them for their benefits and how to counteract the potentially adverse side-effects of their usage.


An easy way to bulletproof yourself against such potential damage is with our very own InvinciBull. We didn’t design the tag-line “Athletic Shield” just for fun, you know. The compounds meticulously chosen in InvinciBull are key in fortifying the body against brutal training techniques. When we formulated InvinciBull, we were obviously all too aware that our customers are the type to leave no stone unturned in the quest for muscle mass; that means incredibly intense training regimes that undoubtedly take a toll on the body after a while. Yet it’s in our DNA; we wouldn’t expect anything else. We’ll come back to why InvinciBull is ideal towards the end of this article.

A few of the common training techniques employed to elicit further growth from the body include:


Once you’ve hit failure on a set, you proceed to drop the weight and continue for a few more repetitions. How many times you drop the weight can vary; many will often use drop-sets towards the end of their workouts and perform as many as four drops from the original weight they started the set on, hitting failure on each subsequent sets as they go along the way. Works very well on cables as well as machines. Can be used on dumbbell’s if you’re content to p*ss your gym off and barbell’s if you have a trusty training partner.


Popularised by lifters such as Arnie and the “Golden Era” bodybuilders back in the day. A super-set often pairs antagonistic muscle groups – i.e. chest & back – as pairings and is an excellent way of increasing the overall volume of your workouts. A good example would be bench presses super-setted with chin-ups for 8-10 repetitions on each, although many like to perform them whilst hitting the same body part in the session (i.e. presses followed by fly’s).


This is a technique that’s been around for a long time, but has made a strong re-emergence in the last decade due to the Doggcrap Training System created by Dante Trudell. Ways to employ rest-pause vary, but the most common one today is the DC method which is to perform a set to failure, rest 10-12 deep breaths, continue the set, rest another 10-12 deep breaths, and then perform a final set. At the end, you simply tot up your total, and attempt to beat that the next week.

The Case for InvinciBull

All workout intensifiers hold merit, and above are just 3 of the most popular. However, as aforementioned, the toll they take on the joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as giving the CNS a good bashing in the process, is a real concern. And since muscle tissue grows much more quickly than joints, tendons and ligaments are able to recuperate and repair themselves, it stands to reason that you should be safeguarding yourself with an excellent joint supplement. Ever noticed how people who take steroids rapidly add muscle, but complain incessantly along the way how much their joints seem to ache? This is why.

We fully encourage all of our followers to experiment with workout intensifiers, but we do so in the hope that they’ll use their education and knowledge we know they have to safeguard themselves against the potential adverse side-effects. Building an impressive, muscular physique is a two-way street, and too many people just go one way without looking the other. That other side is InvinciBull.


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