You Are What You Eat? NO…You Are What You Absorb

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You know the old adage, you are what you eat. Meaning if you eat shitty processed foods your body is going to look and perform like shit. Feed it clean, healthy food options, and you will feel and perform better.

Well that is part true! The problem especially what seems to be much more frequent now is that even when eating what we deem “clean and healthy” foods, our body is not feeling or performing correctly. A large part of that has to do with an ever growing issue with digestive systems.

As physique athletes we go through phases of having to eat in an extreme caloric surplus to add quality of muscle. But how much of those macro and micro nutrients are we truly getting from all that food. Our body can’t possibly produce enough enzymes to break down massive amounts of proteins and fats in order for them to be absorbed. Then once they get into the intestines where the actual absorption happens, extreme inflammation from over eating, previous poor food choices make the intestinal walls less permeable and reduces absorption.

Taking a digestive aid like Ravenous provide the body with additional digestive enzymes to properly break down the proteins and fats into molecules that the body can absorb and use. Ravenous also has an added benefit of detoxification properties to clear the intestines of build up that can reduce the mucosal walls permeability.

Another great thing to add in is some periods of fasting of 18hrs plus. This does not have to be overly frequent, but periods longer than 16hr allow the digestive system to naturally detox. Clearing out build up in the bile ducts that can reduce its ability to release digestive enzymes, but also gives the intestinal wall an opportunity to heal itself from damage caused by continuous activity and reduce inflammation.

Another major step is narrowing out foods that cause issue to you as an individual. I love lots of vegetables and fibrous foods like oats, and Ezekiel breads etc. But unfortunately for me, my body does not digest them well and they cause an inflammatory response within my GI system which suppresses the ability of the other foods I have eaten at that time to be properly absorbed.

Help your self by helping your gut and improving your bodies ability to actually absorb all that healthy nutritious food so you truly can BECOME WHAT YOU EAT!

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