Bodybuilding For Beginners with IFBB Pro Jamie Do Rego

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When first starting out it’s important to go keep thing basics and not over complicate or overthink too much. The issue these days is that there is almost too much information available, all of which contradicts each other, people will preach that there method is the best, that study x or y suggest this and so on…. we have almost over complicated the basics to a point where it’s easy to get confused and overthink every single aspect. Remember there is a million and one ways to get in shape… it can all work.

I’m going to break it down with what I did when I was younger and my approach to anyone out there just starting in this sport. Keep it basic and simple!

There are 3 key components:

  • Nutrition/supplementation
  • Training
  • Rest/recovery


Start out with basic clean quality foods, you have to ensure you are feeding your body with quality over processed or refined food… your intake will all depend on what you are trying to achieve… weather that be to cut or gain lean tissue… to be honest back in the day I did not weigh a thing… I just focused on eating clean and healthy… making sure I got and adequate protein intake in. In my opinion this is the best approach to start as if keeps it very simple! Just think clean quality foods, high in nutrients.


I started out very basic and would recommend the same to anyone getting into training. Make sure you are working with a balanced training split. I actually like the push, pull, legs split for beginners as it covers all muscle groups. This is the key. We must ensure we work the entire body equally to create a balanced physique. Use the basic compound movement and build a solid foundation before you start to over complicate training. Something like the below would be ideal:


Ex 1. Bench press

Ex 2. Cable or dumbell fly

Ex 3. Shoulder press

Ex 4. Side lateral raise

Ex 5. Tricep pushdown


Ex 1. Wide lat pull down

Ex 2. Bent over row

Ex 3. Deadlift

Ex 4. Shrugs

Ex 4. Barbell curls.


Ex 1. Squat

Ex 2. Leg press

Ex 3. Leg extension

Ex 4. Straight leg dead lift

Ex 5. Hamstring curl

Ex 6. Calf raise

The above is very basic but involves some essential compound movements to build a solid foundation. Focus on getting stronger each week on these basic Movements whilst keeping good form and range of motion

Rest and Recovery

This is probably one of the most important aspects of it all especially for beginners. You need to give the muscle adequate rest and allow it to recover and grow. So aim for 2 rest days per week. Remember we grow when we rest.

The key for any beginner out there is to keep it basic and not overthink. I can’t stress this enough. Remember Basic works.

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