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Good Mornin - Detox and Gut Performance Drink
Start your day right with Good Mornin, the ultimate detox and gut performance drink that will transform your health from the inside out. This unique blend of powerful ingredients, supports gut health, cleanses the digestive tract, improves overall digestion, and reduces bloating. Try Good Mornin today and experience the benefits of a healthier gut and a revitalized you.
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Vendor: Project AD
Shredabull 2.0 is designed to incinerate bodyfat from every conceivable angle while suppressing harmful cravings and stabilizes your appetite, all while providing unparalleled energy levels to maintain intense performance.
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VITAMIN+ - Daily Health Support
Vitamin+, the natural, synthetics-free formula, packed with 78 naturally-occurring minerals derived from whole foods, giving your body a powerful boost of essential nutrients. Vitamin+ is the vegan-friendly solution that amplifies your wellness and supports your immune system, making it the multivitamin athletes truly deserve.
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How to Cycle All AD Products Correctly

by Shopify API 27 Sep 2018

The complete guide on cycling Project AD’s world class range, compiling the most common questions we get asked from our loyal customers.


Given that AminoTaur is an amino acid formula without any hormone-influencing ingredients, there is absolutely no need to cycle the product and it can be used continuously by everyone without adverse side-effects.


Bulldoze doesn’t just positively influence sleep, it promotes a cascade of hormones that enhance growth hormone and overall recovery levels.

Any sleep formula needs to be cycled effectively in order to note promote dependency on the formula. We recommend no longer than 6 weeks on Bulldoze at a time, preferably followed by a 4 week break.

Alternatively, many of our customers have found success using Bulldoze Mon-Fri, with a break on the weekends where they are able to sleep and relax more easily due to lack of work commitments. If this fits into your schedule, this will allow long-term use without adverse side-effects.

H2O Remoove

As a natural diuretic, we advise a degree of caution when using H2O Remoove for prolonged periods of time. The maximum dosage is three capsules, 3 X daily in the build-up to a competition. However, after this, we recommend stopping all supplementation for at least 5 days.

Since H2O Remoove is designed to be used in cycles specifically around contest times or preparation for vacations/photoshoots, there is no need for prolonged, long-term usage.


There is no necessity to cycle off Matador. However, as we mentioned in the Matador Diet article, many individuals like to use the product periodically, manipulating the dosage at certain times of the day.

As a rule of thumb: use nutrient partitioners for 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off to maintain maximum effectiveness and keep the body receptive to their effectiveness.


As NitrOX is specifically designed as a pre-workout without stimulants, there is no necessity to cycle off the formula. It can also be stacked alongside AminoTaur & Raging Full for maximum effectiveness and synergistic effects. Just consume it solely on training days and you’re good to go.

Raging Full

What is said above for NitrOX could be replicated here without any additional information. Raging Full is solely a pre/intra-workout based formula that doesn’t need to be cycled off at any stage.


Commonly misinterpreted as purely an appetite-enhancement aid, many forget to take into account Ravenous’s powerful gut-health promoting properties. As such, consistent supplementation of the product promotes overall digestibility.

However, not everybody wants their appetite increased indefinitely. And to maintain the effectiveness of the appetite-promoting properties of Ravenous, cycling off every 8 weeks for a 4 week period makes logical sense to prolong its effectiveness. The gut-health promoting properties can be effectively replaced by supplementing with Grazed.

Shredabull Untamed

The beast itself needs no introduction, but the world’s most powerful fat burner does come with some strong recommendations from our team.

Shredabull Untamed is a stimulant, and as such, needs periods where you discontinue usage. Some people have opted for 4 weeks on and the same period off, and it’s something we also recommend adhering to if you’re tolerant to stimulants.

Those who are hardcore enough to stick out 8 weeks may need to take an equal amount of time off in order to give their CNS a break from stimulants in general as well.

Then there are those who prefer to adopt a more cautious approach: 5 days on, 2 days off. This, too, can also be an effective solution.

Stampede Untamed

What is repeated above for Shredabull Untamed can be replicated for Stampede Untamed.

Being a powerful stimulant, we are very prudent about recommending customers stacking these together unless highly experienced with stimulant-based products.

Equal periods off Stampede Untamed as on (4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, etc.) are advised, but feel free to continue supplementing NitrOX, Raging Full and AminoTaur pre/intra-workout to maximise the effectiveness of your training sessions.


Our flagship hormone/testosterone amplifier needs no introduction, but guidelines on how to cycle it do.

We recommend no more than 8 weeks consistent usage on TauroTest, preferably followed by a similar period off the supplement. Some of our customers run it for 4-6 weeks followed by 4 weeks off, and this is another option for people who want briefer periods off cycle.

Fiber+, Grazed, Heart+, Liver+ – The Wellness Series

The whole of the Wellness range has been specifically designed for daily usage, year-round. There is no need to cycle off any of the products.


Did we miss anything? Then let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!

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