Organ Health – The Real Performance Supplement

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I get questions non stop by seasoned competitors and newbies alike. What’s the best supplement on the market to help…blah blah blah blah.

My answers usually shock them. First and foremost the best thing you can do for your body for whatever the goals may be is to eat a healthy diet according to those goals. If you’re trying to gain weight, slowly increase quality calories. If you’re trying to burn fat, slowly decrease calories while increasing output. Seems simple enough but it still is something that people cant grasp.

As Americans especially, we always want the quick fix and unfortunately there are no quick fixes. There are things that can slightly increase the rate at which goals are attained but the basics are the basics.

For me, I think the most important thing is to keep the machine running strong and efficiently.

By keeping digestive health optimal we are able to absorb nutrients at a much greater efficiency. Supplements like Ravenous from AD ensure in a healthy strong digestive system.

By keeping the heart and arterial system strong, bloodflow is efficient and able to transport nutrient and much needed oxygen to muscles and organs to ensure that strength and endurance are optimal. Products such as Heart+ help with reducing atherosclerotic buildup which can inhibit the vascular system and reduce blood flow as well as lead to vascular issues.

By keeping the liver strong and functioning properly you are able to detoxify the body, metabolize fats, produce hormones, and many other functions that are needed to keep the engine running strong. This leads to a greater ability to reduce bodyfat, have strong hormone levels, keep toxins from building up in our bodies which would all cause us to run very sluggish.
Liver+ and TUDCA are amazing products to feed the liver with what it needs to regenerate new tissue to run optimally.

So although AD has do many amazing products like Aminotaur to help increase amino acids for recovery, Nitr-OX to increase vasodilation, Stampede Untamed to give us that extra boost. In my opinion the best things we can do are protect and enhance the engine we were born with to function at optimal levels!

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