Jamie Do Rego – Becoming PRO

Jamie Do Rego – #BecomingPro – Episode 1: Dubai to Aus Day 1 of the journey to the New Zealand pro show for Jamie Do Rego’s Debut as an IFBB Pro The post Jamie Do Rego – Becoming PRO appeared first on PROJECTAD.

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Joseph Mackey : The AD Experience

ProjectAD has been on my radar since years ago when Frank, Vice President, turned me on to ProjectAD. I remember telling him I was having a hard time getting all my meals in because I was prepping for my pro show and my food intake was very high. Frank introduced ProjectAD Ravenous to me because … Continue reading "Joseph Mackey : The...

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This Was My Life .. The FARM

This was my life … The farm, the country, me walking alone, the open space and fields. Everybody said … “That I couldn’t do what I envisaged doing.” Now 10 years later; I’m running a successful supplement company ‘ProjectAD’ one of the fastest growing companies and well-respected within this industry. I earned the nickname The … Continue reading "This Was My Life...

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