STEFANIE NADINE | British Champion Has The AD GENE – Do You?

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Stef Nadine, British Champion has the AD Gene.

Stefanie is a bikini fitness British Champion, online coach & owner of Team Nadine Fitness. Stefanie first took to the stage in 2015, where she placed first and also took the overall female title. In 2016 she competed at the British championships, winning her competitive class making her Trained Bikini British Champion and an Overall Female British Champion Title holder.

“I have been training now for just over 4 years. I first began training solely to improve my health and become happier in my skin. I was naturally very petite and struggled to gain weight, which was something I felt was often misunderstood by others. In a society which seems to expect females to want to be skinny, I was the opposite. I wanted to feel, and look strong. I very quickly developed an intense passion for the sport of body building, and few years later I finally plucked up the courage to compete for the first time. It is not just the physical changes that I love about the sport but also how it allows you to grow mentally too. I love the sense of achievement it gives you, the ambition, determination and drive you develop, and the self discipline it has taught me. There is ALWAYS something new to learn, and we are all continually progressing. I wish to take my competitive career as far as I can go.”

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