All Gas No Breaks with Brad Rowe

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Ok so we hear the motto “All Gas No Breaks” all the time. Essentially it means you’re grinding away 24/7 to reach all aspirations in life. There are two camps out there. One that supports this theory and ones that think you need both a mental and a physical break at times in order to properly focus and perform optimally.

I have found that for the most part I fall in the first camp. I work 7 days a week, don’t vacation much at all, train 6-7 days a week, always eating strict diet, and do cardio regularly. This is what I enjoy to do and makes me feel like I am always working towards my goals.

Over the years I have tried taking breaks in my training to let my body recover better so I could return and be in a great physical spot to push hard. This works well for so many athletes and they are able to make great progress and stay healthier.

For me, the opposite happens! I take time off or even back down and my body begins to hurt even more. Tendonitis flares up, joints begin to hurt, and I typically end up having some type of injury getting back into the swing of things. Even this past back off phase I just went through where I still trained daily but was training at about 60% output I feel like set me back even further with pain.

One thing I have noticed as well over the years is I get better the more shows I do. I’ve done 5-7 shows a few times within a year and always better at the end of things.

So my approach for now on is to maybe back off intensity for about a week then back in the saddle. My body loves to be pushed and my mind loves to be pushed as well. My bank account also enjoys me being all gas and no breaks when it comes to work. So for now on I’m back to “All Business Rowe” a nickname given to me by one of the trainers at Golds because he said day in and day out I’m always in there working my ass off on my body or my clients and do not let anything else detour me from that.

Brad Rowe
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