Are you sure you don’t have time? Or are you making excuses?

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As a coach, I have been fortunate to work with people of all walks of life. Military, first responders, business owners, labor workers, stay at home parents, people in school, working multiple jobs and much more. With that being said, I have been able to see how busy people truly are and how much they prioritize things. What I must say is, often, we hear “I don’t have time”. Is this the truth when it comes to dieting and training? or is it self sabotage?

Let me tell you all a story, the week after my first show in 2010 my Dad asked me if I can train him to just get in shape. Well, a year later he competed in his first show at 46 years old and WON his class. Here is the kicker, he owns and runs a decorative concrete company. He doesn’t have people who work for him to do the work, he does it HIMSELF. At the time he was working 6-7 days a week, most days 6/7am into 8-9pm at night. Mind you, doing very rigorous labor work HIMSELF. I had him doing 2.5 hours cardio daily, zero carbs for way to long. He still managed to cook all his meals, never cheat, never miss a cardio session or a training session and never miss a meal. Whilst marinating family life with 4 kids and a wife. Do you really don’t have time or are you making excuses?

I have clients who run multiple businesses and are busy 7 days a week. Yet somehow, they do everything they have to do to a T while being successful with their ventures. I say this, your excuses are BULLSHIT. You make time for whats important to you. Time on social media, time watching tv or playing video games, or doing nothing adds up and can be time to your craft. Eating meals is not time consuming, cooking 2x a week is not time consuming. Training can very easily fit into a schedule. Its whats most important to you, how bad do you want it. I assure you, you have “time” to do this. Be better than your excuses, and grab the bull by the horns.

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