Escalating Density Training & Raging Fullraging-500x500

When renowned strength coach Charles Stanley penned the original “Escalating Density Training (EDT)” program over 10 years ago, it was initially met with shock, confusion, and intrigue meshed with skepticism. And why wouldn’t it? It remains, to this day, a very controversial training system, yet never the less it remains one of the most brutally effective ways of achieving hypertrophy known to mankind.

To re-visit the principles of EDT, it was a simple concept focused on accumulating volume over the course of a set amount of time as opposed to counting sets and reps throughout a workout. Stanley’s brutal 15-minute prescriptions for EDT, known as “PR Zones” require you to power through as much weight as possible before totting up the total amount of reps to establish a baseline. Like any valid training system, Stanley employs the concept of progressive resistance which requires you to beat the load next time you enter the gym where you originally set the PR Zone.