InvinciBull & LiverMilk Article

They say worry is rust upon the blade and stress is a killer. And they’re not wrong, either.

Stress is not nearly talked about as much as it should be in the fitness community. As athletes, we like to pride ourselves on being models of good health. We eat well, train hard and look the part. Yet we still have the same socioeconomic problems as our non-training brothers and sisters: we’ve got bills to pay, capitalism to content with, family issues and the relentlessness of modern day society. Why doesn’t anybody talk about the impact this has on our health?

The cornerstone of being a successful athlete is our health. Without it, we crumble. Stress leads to damaging of the Central Nervous System; higher bodyfat accumulation; more stubborn fat cells; lowered cognitive function; excessive levels of cortisol; and worse still, faltering, regressive physical performance. It’s a nightmare scenario for any athlete. Yet still, nobody talks about it.