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InvinciBull & LiverMilk Article

They say worry is rust upon the blade and stress is a killer. And they’re not wrong, either.

Stress is not nearly talked about as much as it should be in the fitness community. As athletes, we like to pride ourselves on being models of good health. We eat well, train hard and look the part. Yet we still have the same socioeconomic problems as our non-training brothers and sisters: we’ve got bills to pay, capitalism to content with, family issues and the relentlessness of modern day society. Why doesn’t anybody talk about the impact this has on our health?

The cornerstone of being a successful athlete is our health. Without it, we crumble. Stress leads to damaging of the Central Nervous System; higher bodyfat accumulation; more stubborn fat cells; lowered cognitive function; excessive levels of cortisol; and worse still, faltering, regressive physical performance. It’s a nightmare scenario for any athlete. Yet still, nobody talks about it.

This is one of the reasons why we designed InvinciBull at Project AD. While we’re all for cutting-edge science when it comes to enhancing performance and supercharging muscular gains, there’s something more fundamental at play here. Failure to look after our health, first and foremost, is akin to building a house without cement: you can lay the bricks down, but it’ll collapse like a pack of playing cards if there’s nothing to hold it in place. That’s where InvinciBull steps in.


InvinciBull’s comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals go beyond the norm of average Jane’s & Joe’s. It’s an athlete designed multi-vitamin, meaning you’ll get much more than the RDA of all the essential vitamins and minerals an athlete necessitates from intense, vigorous training sessions. Vitamins and minerals are paramount to sustaining life and building those bricks upon we referenced to in the previous paragraph – yet so many athletes don’t get enough of them. It’s actually pretty frightening how many of us are deficient in key vitamins necessary for health and performance.

A powerful antioxidant complex fights off free radicals and safeguards you against being ravaged by modern day toxins that now flood our planet and are unavoidable, whilst a specific joint complex in in place to preserve, restore and enhance the quality of your movement throughout the whole of your anatomy. Now you realise why we coined it the “Athletic Shield”.

Talking of those modern day toxins that plague your body, consider this: over 500 years ago (and our body’s have absolutely not significantly evolved since then) there wasn’t an abundance of vehicles, factories and other industries polluting the environment incessantly. How many of us have stopped to consider the effect this has had on our body’s?

protect your liver

One organ in particular has bore the brunt of the industrial revolution, and that is our livers. The liver is responsible for fighting off infections, neutralising waste and toxins, as well as regulating levels of enzymes, sex hormones, fats, amino acids and glucose in the blood. Yeah, really – it’s THAT important.

Yet how many of us stop to consider the effect this has on our results and response to intense training? Nada. Ok, perhaps a few of us. But it’s not good enough, and it certainly needs to change.

When people ask us if LiverMilk was designed for people using oral steroids we can only shake our heads and vehemently contest. I mean, sure, it can be used to effectively safeguard and protect the liver when taking harsh oral compounds, but we really are doing it a disservice isolating it to just this purpose.


LiverMilk is a phenomenal supplement, able to nurture, restore and protect the liver as well as optimising the organs function. We only chose the purest, most natural ingredients in the correct dosages to achieve this, and the feedback has been excellent.

They’re not as sexy as TauroTest, Matador or ShredaBull – we understand that. But when it comes to the foundation of what makes us successful, – that cement upon which those bricks are laid down upon – InvinciBull and LiverMilk are crucial in ensuring we’re firing on full cylinders. When you’re fighting for every ounce of muscle like Project AD warriors do, it could be the combination that makes the ultimate difference. Leave nothing to chance, and certainly don’t leave the cement on the side when it comes to building upon the bricks.

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