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Ketogenic Diets & Matador Refeedsmatador-500x500

Ketogenic diets have became immensely popular over the last decade in the fitness industry. It’s not just obese individuals who have benefited from them or out of shape average Joe’s, it’s also serious bodybuilders and recreational lifters who are most often dieting down to look peeled to the bone. Frankly speaking, if your intention is to get ripped and look awesome, then a ketogenic diet is something you’ve probably either heard of, intend to follow or have already did so in the past.

Whilst ketogenic diets have also been used to treat a variety of medical conditions such as epilepsy, their main usage in mainstream fitness remains for fat loss and weight management. Ketogenic diets have been incredibly successful in achieving weight loss in particular for overweight individuals, simply because of how easy they often are to adhere to and how rapidly they produce results.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

ketogenic dieting
ketogenic dieting

A ketogenic diet is typically high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. The goal of putting the body into ketosis is to burn fats for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. Thus, a ketogenic diet will starve you of glycogen and force your body to start utilising fat for energy. This usually happens once glycogen stores have been emptied after a few days of following a ketogenic diet. When there is very little carbohydrates in the diet, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can be utilised for energy. The ketone bodies will replace glycogen for brain function which negates any cognitive impairment. And, you’ll become a fat burning machine as a bonus.

Common abbreviations of the ketogenic diet include BodyOpus, the Anabolic Diet and CKD. All have been popularised predominantly by bodybuilders dieting down to get very low levels of bodyfat and picked up by other fitness circles who have seen merit in their usage. And why not? Ketogenic diets are muscle sparing, incinerate fat rapidly and are easy to follow.

Cyclic Glycogen Re-feeds

carb refeed

There’s just one drawback for really serious lifters who follow ketogenic diets: high intensity exercise uses glycogen. However, this conundrum is fairly easily overcome by the use of cyclic glycogen re-feeds.

If one were to follow a typical ketogenic diet, re-feeds normally take place on Saturday’s and Sunday’s after having followed High Fat / High or Moderate Protein / Zero Carb for the duration of the week. It’s on Saturday that the fun starts, with the goal being to shovel glycogen back into the body so that it can be utilised for the week’s training ahead.

See, despite the body utilising ketones for energy, high-intensity lifting still depends on glycogen as its primary source. By having a sufficient stockpile of it in the body for the week ahead and by limiting other strenuous forms of activity, you can utilise your glycogen to maintain workout intensity and performance, all the while getting extremely ripped.

There’s even better news for Project AD customers. By integrating Matador into your re-feed (our glucose disposal agent), you can ensure that there’s zero overspill of the carbohydrates you ingest towards fat stores, and that you’ll also get a massive anabolic surge during your re-feed. The result is simply staggering: insane fat loss Monday-Friday, and unparalleled anabolism throughout the weekend!

The fact is, a normal carbohydrate re-feed will work well. But a Matador-induced glycogen re-feed will ensure that you maximise and take advantage of this crucial period. It’ll become less about muscle preservation during a cut, and more about achieving two goals at once: you’ll blitz stubborn bodyfat, and also power through your weekend workouts and trigger growth mechanisms in the body.

The way to achieve this as well is ridiculously easy but shockingly powerful. Just pop one capsule of Matador with each high carbohydrate meal during the re-feed, and you’ll see your bodyparts swell up and your veins start to protrude from them. That’s when you’ll know it’s taking effect. Your muscles will be insanely full, your body will be visibly leaner and your performance in the gym will skyrocket.

A ketogenic diet alone with a cyclic glycogen re-feed works well. A ketogenic diet combined with a Matador-induced cyclic glycogen re-feed displays scary results, allowing you to build muscle and destroy fat simultaneously. Make sure it’s in your shopping cart next time you go high protein & high fat and watch what happens during those re-feeds. To say the gains will be “monstrous” is an understatement.

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