The 3 Fundamentals of Muscle Gain for EVERYONE

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When you break down building muscle, it’s really not that difficult. Yet in ever-complex and wandering human mind, it’s worth reminding ourselves exactly what the fundamentals are so that we never forget the core principles that define freaky muscle mass.


1)   You Have to Provide a Stimulus for the Body to Grow

Muscle gain starts in the gym.

When we lift weights, we recruit muscle fibers and break them down causing microtrauma.

These ‘tears’ in the muscle send a signal to the body that they need to be repaired – effectively “filled” with fresh materials in order to remodel them to grow.

In order to kick-start the process, you need to train with intensity to cause this stimulus, and the best way to do this is by increasing the volume, sets, reps, and weight lifted in each training session.

Therefore, the #1 rule is to progressively increase your training intensity in each session to stimulate the remodeling process.

How AD products Can Help You At This Stage:

Our flagship intra-workout powerhouse Raging Full can be utilized to prolong workout intensity, where as Nitr-OX can deliver nutrients and improve cell volumisation to working muscles during intense training. Keep both in your locker to maximise stage #1 of the process.

If you struggle to “get in the zone” pre-workout, then Stampede Untamed needs to be in the product in your locker as a reserve assurance you can generate the intensity needed to grow new muscle tissue.


2)   You Have to Feed the Stimulus

Now that the damage is done, the emphasis shifts to the fuel needed to replenish the body.

This is achieved through strategic nutrition.

When we say ‘strategic’, we’re referring to planned calorie-counting based on individual needs and goals. If it’s to build muscle, then you’ll have to figure out how many calories you need to consume on a daily/weekly basis in order to be in a calorie surplus.

As a rule of thumb, being 500 calories above your ‘maintenance’ calorie needs on a daily basis is a good starting point to progressively adding at least 1lb of lean muscle per week while keeping fat gain to a minimum.

How AD products Can Help You At This Stage:

Products like Ravenous can help increase appetite and overall gut health if you struggle to consume enough calories, while Matador improves nutrient partitioning and ensures that calories are directed to building new muscle tissue and away from fat storage.

3)   You Have to Recover From the Stimulus

The final piece of he jigsaw lies in how fast you recover.

Why? Because it’s the determiner in how quickly you can restart the muscle-building progress again.

Effective recovery is highly dependent on nutrition, but it also paramount to ensure that your hormones are functioning effectively such as testosterone & Growth Hormone (GH), which play pivotal roles in the formation of new muscle tissue.

To achieve this, make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of restful sleep each night, and are trying your best to live as stress-free as possible by incorporating some mindfulness practices into your daily routine.

How AD products Can Help You At This Stage:

If you struggle to sleep at night and ‘switch off’, then Bulldoze will induce a swift dose of relaxation and reduce anxiety from the very first serving, in addition to priming the body’s hormones for a restful nights sleep of recovery.

The cherry on the cake is a natural testosterone amplifier such as TauroTest, which tackles hormonal development from multiple pathways and aims to improve muscle building from innumerable hormonal perspectives.

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