The Best Pre-Workout You’re Ignoring

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Since the release of Stampede Untamed, we’ve seen customers go wild. The desire to increase the dosage to 2 scoops, 3 scoops, and beyond is concerning to us at Project AD.

Sounds contradictory? Allow us to elaborate.

Stampede Untamed is an intensity amplifier. It works best when combined with optimal nutrition & recovery habits to maximise workout performance.

What it has not been designed for is to mask deficiencies in your nutrition and recovery regime. To do this would be to use the supplement in the wrong way.

You Must Use Stimulants Sparingly

Stampede Untamed is a hell of a product. It’s also an extremely strong stimulant – a very unique one, in fact – that produces unrelenting clean energy.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that like with all stimulants, you need to exercise caution over its use.

The key is to cycle the product efficiently, with periods of 8 weeks of use followed by a 4 week break, or alternatively, only using the product on the days you need it the most.

If you’re running it alongside Shredabull Untamed, you need to be particularly prudent about how much of the product you’re consuming.

The Missing Ingredient to Success: SLEEP

Sleep is paramount to workout performance for innumerable reasons. It positively influences a cascade of hormones that ensure the body functions optimally both physically and cognitively.

Sleep deprivation has an adverse effect on the following biological functions in the body:

  • Testosterone Production
  • Growth Hormone (GH) Production
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Nutrient Partitioning
  • Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
  • Recovery Capabilities
  • Cognitive Performance & Mental Health

With so much at stake, the question we have to many of our customers is simply…

“Why? Why neglect sleep when it’s paramount to the aforementioned bodily functions?”

It’s a question that baffles us, yet so many continue to think they can get away with lacklustre sleep.

The fact remains that in a hedonistic society in which we all seek extreme outlets as a ‘release’, sleep remains the most underrated, overlooked factor in enhancing happiness and promoting overall health, physical development and performance. This MUST change.

A Temporary Solution: BullDoze

In later #ADBlog’s, we’re going to cover extensively effective ways to enhance your overall quality of sleep and how to create winning habits as part of your daily life that create elite-level performance for you as an athlete.

As a fast-track solution in the short-term, however, we want you to supplement with 3 capsules of our world-renowned sleep & recovery formula BullDoze 30 minutes before bed.

BullDoze will induce a swift sense of relaxation from the first dose, lowering anxiety and promoting restfulness allowing you to “switch off” more quickly at night.

When you’re asleep, the overall quality of your rest will be enhanced greatly as the formula works to elevate GH levels and promote overall REM sleep, leading to enhanced recovery.

You’ll wake up more refreshed and reinvigorated to smash your goals in the short-term, but hang fire for later articles on the AD Blog where our team of athletes will really dissect and break down the science behind sleep and what it takes to become a world-class athlete.

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