Traveling and Bodybuilding

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One of the biggest questions I get from peers and up and comers is how do you travel with your food and supplements. As we all know the grind never stops and in life we often have to travel for things aside from vacations.

I have perfected the travel and food issues…… I just fast the entire time!!
Ok that is partly true depending on what phase I am in but on a serious note it just takes a little prep time.

First I lay out enough of my health supps for each day that I am traveling and for the day I get back so when I am home it’s not an immediate rush to prep for that or the next day. Pills get laid our and put in little baggies then those get packed in sandwich bags to designate a days worth.

Then all my powders for my peri-workout nutrition all gets put into either snack bags or sandwich bags depending how much powder. So my Aminotaur/Nitr-OX/Stampede Stim/Raging Full for 1 session all go in 1 baggie etc etc. I take 1 bag with a bunch of Fiber+ in it with the scooper so I can add that as needed while traveling. My Grazed goes with my protein powder that I have post train. All these except what’s needed for the travel day goes into a checked bag.

Then onto the tricky part….food! I pre cook everything, make exact meals that I need for the travel day plus a few extra incase of delays with travel and those go in a cooler that i carry onto the plane or keep in my car. The rest gets thrown in bags and vacuum sealed. So I’ll have a few bags with a couple pounds of chicken/fish/beef/veggies/rice/potatoes etc vacuum sealed then I freeze them and pack them all into a large cooler that goes into a checked bag. When I get to destination I take out whatever is needed to defrost.

I also am crazy and fly with all my condiments so I am 100% consistent with everything I do and not at the mercy of what’s around for grocery stores (this is especially beneficial when traveling abroad). Glass gets wrapped in some paper towels and put in big plastic bags so they dont break and leak all over things.

This process is a little bit of leg work but in the long run it makes the actual travel a lot less stressful! Don’t forget to pack your food scale, some cheap Tupperware to put the food in when you get there and your bodyweight scale so you have the consistency of using the same scale which is important if in prep.

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