Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull

Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull Since the beginning of time, gym rats have feverishly attempted to push the boundaries of muscular growth and progress in the gym. This has led to the development of an array of intensity techniques to extend the challenges posed by normal working sets. Not content to simply smash a challenging set of 8 repetitions out before the obligatory...

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TauroTest VS TauroTest V2

The Difference Between TauroTest & TauroTest V2 One of the most frequent questions we’ve had over the last few months at Project AD is this: “What’s the difference between TauroTest & TauroTest V2? Can I combine the two together?”. We’ve even had a few folks ask us whether TauroTest V2 has been designed to upsurge the original TauroTest formula and whether it’s...

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Maintain Muscle & Performance when Dieting

Maintaining lean muscle tissue is a nightmare when you’re in a calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dieting for a show, cutting for a fight or simply trying to improve your aesthetics, when the layers of fat start to peel away, it’s usually accompanied with a considerable chunk of muscle for most of us who aren’t assisted by anabolics. It’s a...

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