Maintain Muscle & Performance when Dieting

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Maintaining lean muscle tissue is a nightmare when you’re in a calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dieting for a show, cutting for a fight or simply trying to improve your aesthetics, when the layers of fat start to peel away, it’s usually accompanied with a considerable chunk of muscle for most of us who aren’t assisted by anabolics. It’s a nightmare scenario.

So what’s the solution?

Well, doing things sensibly and prioritising what holds on to your precious muscle mass has always been pivotal in the fight against dieting. This usually includes:

  • Ensuring strength work is at the beginning of your sessions.
  • Emphasising compound movements as opposed to isolation exercises.
  • Upping your protein intake to compensate for the depletion of amino acids during training.

All have legitimate claims to be effective strategies. However, there is one fundamentally flawed piece of advice which really grinds our gears here at Project AD:

Reduce training volume to prevent a dip in performance

On the surface, it seems like sound advice. But if you’re aware of the Project AD ethos, you’ll know that we simply don’t agree with letting our athletes performance suffer, irrespective of dieting. And by reducing the volume significantly in our training, we actually contradict the goal of dieting in two ways:

  1. We end up burning LESS calories throughout the course of the session / day than we had originally hoped for due to the reduction of volume.
  2. We essentially “give up” on the goal of hypertrophy (muscle building), something volume plays a crucial role in achieving!

What you’re essentially doing when you reduce the training volume when cutting is giving up on making improvements!

Now, excuse us for rudely awakening the elephant in the room here, but it’s a harsh truth and one you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall victim to. After all, you do still want to build muscle and look awesome after dieting, right?

Here’s the solution:

Raging Full: The Intra-Workout Performance Igniter

As aforementioned, too many people are content to let a drop in performance come naturally with a drop in bodyfat. But whilst you’re improving your physique, it’s foolish to think your performance should go the other way. In fact, it should coincide with the improvements of your aesthetics!

Our Raging Full formula is unique in this regard. First of all, it provides 25grams of carbohydrates per serving from Cluster Dextrin. Now, don’t hit the panic button and go “Carbs – Evil!”. We know you’re more intelligent than that to fall in to this now infamous bear trap.

While the rest of the media are now busily portraying carbohydrates as the devils favourite desert, athletes are simply shaking their heads and carrying on setting new world records in every sport in the world with the assistance of the nutrient. Why? Because if you care about performance, then you NEED carbohydrates in your arsenal. Period.

Cluster Dextrin is unique in the fact that it’s a carb source able to rapidly replenish glycogen with zero digestive issues. It provides an instantaneous form of fantastic, clean energy that will prolong and sustain the weights you lift and the volume you strive for throughout your workouts without crashing.

The fact is, if you go zero carb, then you’re also choosing to go zero energy. And zero energy = awful performance, with a fast-track ticket to muscle loss for good measure. So, it’s better to have SOME carbohydrates as opposed to none. And that’s why we chose Cluster Dextrin for Raging Full and why it absolutely should be in your arsenal, irrespective of whether you’re dieting to lose fat or eating to build serious muscle.

Not only does Raging Full provide an immense source of immediate energy to sustain workout performance, it’s a much more specialised formula than simply highly advanced carbohydrates. Indeed, you can expect to see your performance go through the roof from the addition of proven compounds in the correct dosages such as Betaine for huge strength surges. You’ll also achieve some of the craziest pumps on Raging Full you previously thought were inconceivable (trust us on this one). Key ingredients like L-Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate and Glycerol Monostearate deliver an abundance of muscle building nutrients into the working muscles (absolutely crucial when dieting!) ensuring low calories never becomes an excuse for low performance during sessions!

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