TauroTest VS TauroTest V2

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The Difference Between TauroTest & TauroTest V2

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One of the most frequent questions we’ve had over the last few months at Project AD is this:

“What’s the difference between TauroTest & TauroTest V2? Can I combine the two together?”.

We’ve even had a few folks ask us whether TauroTest V2 has been designed to upsurge the original TauroTest formula and whether it’s now been relegated to its long-distance cousin or smaller, weaker brother. The answer to that is straightforward: absolutely not.

Let’s get one thing clear. The original TauroTest is much, much more than just a testosterone booster. The Testobullism matrix we included is indeed a powerful testosterone amplifier; it produces an unprecedented increase in Luteinizing Hormone (LH), up to 700% of original baseline levels in many subjects.

But, as mentioned, there’s more to TauroTest. We didn’t focus exclusively on testosterone; it was comprised of several other matrix’s, with very specific ingredients in efficacious dosages to achieve our goals. These included:

  • EstoCut: Reduce estrogen levels and improve body composition + better quality, leaner muscle gains.
  • Secretrophin: A powerful, Growth Hormone (GH) igniting complex that maximises natural levels in the body, improving growth pathways and increasing fat burning.
  • CAMP agonist: To increase thyroid activity and breakdown fat.
  • TauroDrive: Designed to maximise uptake and utilisation of all these powerful matrix’s – unprecedented before in other formula’s.

So, as you can see, TauroTest (the original) is so much more than just “testosterone”. Think of it as a body composition agent; designed to maximise anabolic hormones in the body, but also increase fat burning and positively influence hormones that decide how much water we carry, our levels of fat, vascularity, muscle fullness, etc.

Enter TauroTest V2. As has been mentioned several times by us, this unique, powerful formula, was something we didn’t think was possible to create. It took an enormous effort from our research team and developers to not only source the raw herbal extracts, but also to bring them to the market. Why? Because they simply aren’t produced in such a high quantity as to meet their demand, and as their discovery is still relatively new, production is not in full force yet. So we had to swing hammer and fist over the negotiation table to bring this product to fruition, and even now, we’re still not exactly quids in on it (not that it’s really out intention with this product anyway).

So what does TauroTest V2 do? Let us be very blunt: this formula is an anabolic powerhouse. It’s not directly focused on aspects such as cAMP, but it does include two expensively powerful formulas with incredibly concentrated extracts: one to enhance testosterone, and the other to enhance GH levels. And it doesn’t just do it effectively – it does it in such a frightening manner it makes us truly excited for the future of sports supplementation as a natural, legal alternative (that’s completely safe, too we might add) to anabolics.

To summarize:

TauroTest is a powerful blend of ingredents designed to maximise testosterone as well as body composition. TauroTest V2 is focused primarily on being an all-out, anabolic warfare product for extreme muscular growth and performance.

Can you combine the two? People are already doing so. If you can accommodate this stack into your budget, we’re as enthusiastic as you are to hear about the inevitably amazing results.

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