Bringing Up Weaker Body Parts : Back Training

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Bringing up weaker body parts is no easy task as we all respond differently to different styles of training so it’s very important to find out what works for you. Being a competitive bodybuilder makes you very critical of your own physique, you are constantly striving to improve which means constantly trying to bring up certain areas of your physique to bring a more complete look to the stage. In one way we are trying to chase perfection knowing full well we will never be perfect because you can always be better and improve. Even Mr Olympia will see flaws in his Physique and that’s what makes him have that title, so remember that, analyze yourself closely, be harsh and be critical because it will only make you a better bodybuilder.

Over the years I have always struggled with my back development, it’s only other that last year or so that I’ve actually seen huge differences in how it look, I actually think that this year (2019) will be the first year where my back shots are actually one of my strongest shots come stage. So what did I do over the past couple of years to improve this?

I think there is a couple of factors to consider when trying to bring up a weaker body part:

  • Training intensity
  • Training volume
  • Training frequency
  • Mind to muscle connection
  • Recovery

Remember, like I keep saying, we all respond differently, but from experience I can tell you that training intensity and effort is always going to be one of the main factors, however when it comes to bringing up a weaker body part your focus MUST be on connection and feel. I pretty much had to re train my whole back and learn to connect and feel every single inch of the movements, back in the day I was strong on my back but never actually felt it connect. My training style changed so much in order to bring this area up, at the start of my session I will focus on squeezing my back for the first 3-4 exercises, weight isn’t as important as form and connection, each rep will be a clear squeeze and pause at the Bottom, every rep performed slow and controlled, I keep my rep ranges between 7-10 reps for the first 3-4 exercises. Once my back was fired up and blown up I will then focus on some heavier movements where I will rep out a little more, because my back is so fired up I can now connect with it! for the next 3-4 exercises I will pump them.

Out for a good 8-15 reps!

I double up on my back each week, this is where training frequency comes in to play. We have to hit a weaker area more in order for it to improve in my opinion, especially if it’s lacking compared to other body parts. So for my back I focus on hitting session 1 with all wide grip movements 4 pull down motion and 4 rowing motions. session 2 will be all close grip movements, again 4 pulldown exercises and 4 rowing exercises. This really helped in bringing both thickness and width to my back in all areas.

So when it comes to bringing up a weaker body part I think you need to ask yourself a few questions…

Am I feeling the muscle connect? If not find a way to feel that specific muscle work…

Am I training it hard enough? If not make sure you give it 100% As this is one of the most likely factors of lack of development…

Am I hitting it frequent enough compared to other body part? If not add a extra training day in focusing on this weak area…

Is my nutrition and recovery allowing me to grow? Again another very important factor is are you eating enough and getting enough recovery to allow the muscle to grow, that means correct nutrition, supplementation, sleep and recovery…


Until the next post, enjoy your training and your results.


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