Muscle Growth Hacking Q & A with Jamie DoRego

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In this series of Q & A’s, we tap into the knowledge base of some of the most respected and knowledgeable heads in the industry, this episode with Project AD bodybuilder Jamie DoRego.

1) Is it best to vary rep ranges when training solely for hypertrophy/muscle gain, or is there a sweet spot bodybuilders should generally stick to?

I am a huge believer in listening to your body. I never go in the gym with a set plan of specific exercises, rep ranges or sets – I will train to how I feel on that day.

For example, if I’m feeling strong I will use a slightly lower rep range of around 6-8 reps. If I feel as if I’m dragging, I may shoot for 10-12 reps, but to me it’s all about how that specific exercise feels on that day.

Sometimes I will find myself doing an exercise for a totally random rep range or even a random amount of sets simply because it feels good. I may try that same exercise on another day and I get a total different feel from it – it’s a different way of training but it has worked great for me this past year and it’s also allowed me to stay injury free by listening to my body!

2) What is the optimal training frequency for muscle growth?

Again this is a very interesting question because my approach is probably very different to what the text book would say. I personally train a muscle group twice sometimes even three times per week.  I train high volume and high intensity with pretty much zero rest days. In fact, my last rest day was way back in May before Bodypower; it’s now August!

My approach has always revolved around hard work; I move quick with very little rest in between sets but always aim to lift as heavy as possible!

Some would call my style “overtraining” but it’s worked for me and I seem to continue to progress year by year so my philosophy is like the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

3) Training twice per day: are there any circumstances where you would advise this for muscle growth if somebody has the time?

I actually used this approach in prep this year. I was hitting glutes and calves AM with my bigger muscle groups at night (PM) and it worked great.

I actually love the idea of a double split but I do think that in order for this to work food/kcals must be present.

In my opinion this approach wouldn’t be great on low kcals but on high food off-season or even during prep I believe it can be very beneficial. It also allows you to really focus on some weaker areas as the double split allows more volume and frequency on the muscle groups that need to be brought up!

My advice of taking this approach would be make sure your body can’t handle it as over time it will take its toll. Regular treatment and a good high kcal intake will be needed to keep you optimal and allow your body to tolerate the excess volume

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