7 Critical Tips : How To Get A Sponsorship by Steph Rowe

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As a sports supplement company, athletes and influencers reach out daily regarding sponsorship opportunities. 

There are some inquiries that stand out more than others…and most of the time it has nothing to do with the amount of followers a person has.

If you are looking to inquire about a sponsorship opportunity, there are a few things that could do that can easily bring you to the top of anyone’s list! 

Here are 7 tips when reaching out to a company regarding sponsorship opportunities.

  1. Making sure that you’re reaching out in a professional manner is very important. Proof read your emails! One liner’s aren’t going to get you anywhere. “Hey are you guys looking for athletes?“
  2. Include pictures and a short bio. Let the company know where you plan on going with in your respective industry and how that ties into the brand.
  3. What’s also helpful is sharing with the company that you are reaching out to your social media analytics. Meaning, your audience that currently engages with you.
  4. If you have a YouTube channel, blog, and or have video\photography skills, share pieces of your content. In doing so, you are allowing the company to see your skill set and the type of value that you could possibly bring to the company.
  5. Show the company but you are already using their products. Every company wants an organic relationship to happen.
  6. When posting about the company make sure to tag them in it. You would be surprised who is watching their social media.
  7. Along with posting on your own social media and tagging the company, I would recommend engaging with the company on their social media platforms. Comment, like, share!

We hope that these tips helped out and allowed you to see it from a companies point of view!

Every company wants people who really care about the brand, can articulate properly, and are making the effort to market themselves correctly.  

Remember, every relationship personal or business, is a two way street, showcase what you can bring to the table! 

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