Motivation is not what you need

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Motivation is one of the “hot” words right now, how to get it, how to keep it and what to do when you loose it but I think a lot of us are focusing on the wrong thing in the first place. Whenever I study successful people in any given field they rarely if ever speak on their own motivation. I am currently reading From the Shadow – Dorian Yates Biography as well as Mamba Mentality from Kobe Bryant and both of these men who reached the pinnacle of their sport multiple times have yet to touch on motivation. See to me motivation is something that is temporary and really not needed. What you need to be doing is focusing on the quantifiable things that will lead to a greater goal. Here are some tangibles that I believe will keep you going throughout 2019 when the motivation seems to fade, these characteristics of successful people will keep you on track regardless of motivation level.


the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.”

I purposely chose this characteristic first because a self disciplined individual does not need to rely on motivation in order to be successful. They don’t act off of feelings which is exactly what motivation is, it’s a feeling and as your motivation comes and goes so will your “feelings” about your goal if you are not self disciplined. Self disciplined individuals wake up on time without being told, train regardless of how their day went and show up prepared each day with their meals or whatever means are needed to be successful.


to focus means to direct time and attention to a limited number of issues. Things that are outside your selected area of focus become unimportant.”

You cannot be everything to everyone which is why I feel this is such an important variable in being successful, “things outside your selected area of focus become unimportant.” Take a look at successful people each and every one of them will tell you that they had to cut people, events and behaviors out of the way in order to attain their goal. This is a non negiotaible trait of successful people, you cannot maintain the life you once had in order to attain a life that you are dreaming of.

Non Negotiable

not open to discussion or modification.”

I felt this was important to place in but let me be clear, I am not saying that successful people do not negotiable things what I am saying is they do not negotiate with themselves on things that should not be negotiated. IE morning cardio, cheat meals, training sessions.

A successful person is not going to reward themselves for good behavior, good behavior is what expected its not a reward. Examples here are “I trained legs really hard yesterday I should skip morning cardio” “I have been perfect on my diet for 6 days I have earned a cheat meal” thoughts like this are not entertained by the successful individual, they might be thought about but are acted upon.

Intentional –

done on purpose; deliberate.”

Pretty self explanatory here but again I feel its very important. Successful people are very intentional with what they do. It’s the un intentional that just hope they wake up one day and have the physique they want, the career they want or the bank account they dream of. It’s the intentional people that are doing what it takes to make these things happen.

This is why I believe so many make true progress during a contest prep when on paper it doesn’t make sense. Its not so much due to the variables of the prep its more so due to the fact that they first time all year they are giving 100% each day vs in the off season they were not stringing together perfect days as they are during prep.


unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time.”

I think it’s important to end with this because in order to be successful you need to take all the above characteristics and be consistent with them over the long haul. I was reading on Nick Saban just last week, it took him 30 years to become an elite coach, 30 years! In our industry coaches are throwing the flag within a matter of 3-5 years with no to very little education behind them and even less experience. Successful people know that consistently doing the right thing over a long period of time is what is going to get them and keep them at the top!


If you guys get nothing out of this other than the following than to me this has been a success. Stop chasing things based on emotion and base your goals on factual things that you can actually hold onto. Motivation is an emotion and one that is going to be somewhat of a roller coaster approach to your goals, the above characteristics are going to withstand the test pf time and are a very calculated way to be successful regardless of your emotional state. Cling to those things and you will be successful.



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