Overcoming Bad Genetics with Hybrid Athlete Sean Hercules Parker

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Is ‘Bad Genetics’ really true, is there such a thing?

There most certainly is, but let’s not get disheartened right away. Yes, your Genetic makeup can limit certain factors of what you can achieve, but it certainly does not control every factor.

There have been many great athletes that have proven this.

Plus, there is always a positive to what seems like a negative.

For me personally, I was blessed with a 6’4” frame, that body comes with very long limbs. Being the explosive athlete that I am, and a sprinter, I have high muscle insertions on my calves, this means that I was not blessed with ‘Great Genetics,’ and low muscle insertions that you generally see in successful bodybuilders, for example, one of our own great AD athletes Brad Rowe who has incredible calves.

This did not mean I could not build calves to be proud of, it just meant I was going to have really apply myself, not only with hard work, a burning desire to change, but also with intelligence to achieve what I knew I could.

I know many people like to skip training them, and they are generally an afterthought in most people’s programming, but unfortunately if you want a balanced physique, we must train them, and that means ‘Train’ them with intention. A few sets on a calf machine at the end of your workout will not cut it.

Stubborn muscle groups such as calves are extremely efficient at storing potential energy during the reversal contraction phase. So, if you want to build bigger calves, you must force them to work harder and not ‘cheat’ with this stored energy. Therefore, holding a calf stretch for several seconds before performing a concentric contraction.

In other words, no partial-range, bouncy BS!

Unless it is at the end of a working set to further exhaust the muscles.

For maximal benefits, take a good pause at the bottom when you’re in the stretched position. You can really benefit from dissipating the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) in order to recruit more motor units. Once the stored elastic energy has dissipated, the muscles must work harder to lift the load.

One of the workouts from my Hercules Hybrid Training System is as follows:

High Volume Day

  • A1. Seated Calf Raises
  • 5 x 10-5-5 Reps (one set of 10 Reps, followed by two of 5 Reps) at a 1-2-1-2 tempo (1 second to lower the weight, 2 second pause, 1 second to raise the weight and 2 second contraction)
  • Hit 10 Reps, Rest 10 – 15 Seconds, Hit 5 Reps, Rest 10 – 15 Seconds, Hit 5 Reps.
  • The first 10 Reps should be challenging, So make sure you select the right weight for you.
  • A2. Donkey Calf Raises
  • 5 x 30 – 50 Reps at a 1-0-1-2 tempo *

After finishing a set of the A1 exercise, proceed immediately to exercise A2. Then rest for two minutes before repeating the super set four more times.

For anyone brave enough to attempt this, you have my respect.

Feel free to give me your feedback, comments etc on my Instagram: SeanFrederickParkerFitness

Stay Strong, Stay Focused, Stay Consistent


Sean Frederick Parker

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