Team M-E by Brittany Bull

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s no “I” in team.” While this makes perfect sense, I have always been the type to quickly respond to this idea with, “But there is a ME!” This response is not meant to sound derogatory, but it’s been my experience that the BEST team I’ve ever been on, was my own… or “Team ME” as I like to call it.

Sounds kinda bratty, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain.

Team ME” isn’t about being the best, the most promoted, heck… even the most successful or the “star of the show,” if you will. “Team Me” doesn’t symbolize a one-player thought process and it doesn’t mean that nobody else matters. I have always been a firm believer that it takes more than just a “Bull” to form a herd. (… see what I did there!) The idea of “Team Me” is based on the idea that the most important person on MY team, ultimately is Me! Here’s why…

Guess who knows Me better than anyone? … Me! Guess who’s been around Me since the beginning and will be the only one who sees Me through til the end? … you guessed it, Me! Who will hold Me accountable when nobody else is looking? Who sets the limits of Me? Who BREAKS the limits of Me? … yep! Me, Me and ME!

My point is, if I’m not on my own team, odds are nobody else will be… even if they are rooting for me. From the moment we step foot into the “team player” arena, collaboration is drilled into our heads. We are taught that even through the difficult decisions and challenging times, we must be willing to set our own agendas and egos on the sidelines for the betterment of the “team.” Makes total sense… for a company or brand or group to function smoothly and truly succeed, all components must be firing on all cylinders. BUT, too often than not, we get caught up in the idea of lifting up the team as a whole and the individual recognition and reward fall to the wayside. There is nothing wrong with knowing your worth. There is no shame is understanding what you bring to the table and in turn there is ZERO degradation in sitting at that table ALONE.

In a world currently dominated by social media trends, online groups, ambassadorships, sponsorships and more made up “empowerment” days than humanity can handle, don’t forget to empower YOURSELF! … or in other words “Team Me”! The needs of the many do NOT always trump the needs of one… I urge everyone to never lose sight of who you’re #1 Biggest Fan really is… who it HAS to be! That’s right… “Team Me”! Stand up for you… no matter what “team” you’re on, make sure the one you stay on is your own.

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