To Compete or Not To Compete… Setting yourself up for success!

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Sometimes you just know when to pursue a goal or take a break when it’s the right time.

This past year I prepped for the New York Pro and had a smooth season under the guidance of IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone.

Workouts were great, nutrition and cardio were on point every day for 20 weeks straight. When prepping, Ive been fortunate enough to have my career in the health care industry go smooth which causes things to be stress free with all the food prepping required, workouts and training, chiro visits, dr visits and any financial tasks a prep actually requires. I always preach to the younger youth to always work your butt off and hustle with everything you do but set priorities as well. Career and business has always been a priority, bodybuilding is my bonus.

I realized I couldn’t afford the freedom of prepping for a competition if my daily life was unstable because it’d just cause stress and misery. Always prioritize your goals and set yourself up to be successful. After the New York Pro we decided to do the Tampa pro. After weeks of prepping we decided to hold off because I was getting overwhelmed with my career.

I’ll keep competing for years to come but I don’t believe in taking shortcuts in life, Which means, set your sights right and give yourself every opportunity to be successful with whatever you do.

If that means sometimes putting a want in the back seat for a need, then that’s ok. Timing is everything So always set yourself up to be successful in goals that you set for yourself.

By: Joseph Mackey

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