5 Important Questions on Stampede & Shredabull Untamed Answered

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Since the release of Shredabull & Stampede Untamed, we’ve been inundated with questions surrounding the products and how to get the most out of them.

We are aware that there is some confusion on whether they can be used alongside each other effectively, so hopefully this article dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding two of our greatest creations.

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1: Can both products be stacked together?

Let’s start with the most obvious: can Shredabull Untamed & Stampede Untamed be stacked together?

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!”.

While both products do stimulate some of the same biological pathways in the body, they have still been designed in synergy with one another.

As for the ideal dosing protocol, we’ll come onto that below shortly…

2: Is it necessary to take breaks when using Stampede & Shredabull Untamed?

We most definitely recommend cycling these products to maintain their effectiveness in the long-term.It is a well-known fact that the human body is adept at quickly tolerating stimulants, and while these ingredients aren’t the only reason to consume Stampede & Shredabull Untamed, it’s certainly one of the primary features that our customers benefit from.

Ideally, alternating breaks every 4-8 weeks is preferable if consuming over 1 capsule per day of Shredabull Untamed, and the same for 1 scoop of Stampede Untamed per training session.

There is a degree of intuitiveness on your behalf to see if you stop responding as effectively to the stimulants or feel as though your adrenals could do with a rest. Pay attention to how your body reacts to the products in order to prolong long-term effectiveness.

3: Should I avoid other stimulant-based products when consuming these products?

We most definitely recommend avoiding all other stimulant-based products when cycling Stampede & Shredabull Untamed.

A morning coffee may suffice, but for most people, anything extra combined with these two beasts is likely to result in an uncomfortable experience in tolerating the potency of the products.

4: What’s a good protocol to stack both together?

As a rule of thumb, always take 1 capsule of Shredabull Untamed in the morning, preferably immediately upon waking in a fasted state for it to attack stubborn bodyfat most effectively.

A second capsule may be administered around lunch time if you’re able to tolerate its effects. However, all individuals should begin with 1 capsule at the beginning of use.

We recommend avoiding taking Shredabull past dinner time in order to allow you to still sleep soundly, especially if stacking alongside Stampede Untamed on training days.

For Stampede Untamed, take on training days only as a pre-workout as needed. Start with 1 scoop before upping the dosage only on days you really need an extra lift or after your tolerance has adapted comfortably to 1 scoop.

#TeamAD athlete & IFBB Pro bodybuilder Brad Rowe explains his personal dosing protocol below:

“I personally use Shredabull Untamed and Stampede Untamed throughout the entire year. I do not use any other stimulant products throughout the days and I do go through phases where I completely cut out stimulants to give adrenals a break and allow receptors to clear.

  • For most of the year, prep or not, I take 1 Shredabull first thing in the morning when I wake. Most people need their cup of coffee, but for me my Shredabull gets my motor going to attack my day.
  • When I begin to get really deep into prep I will take 2 caps. My first cap is first thing in the morning when I wake, and the second is when I am about to leave my house for cardio. My morning routine takes about 90 min before I walk out the door (I clean my house, shower, and pack my bag and clothes so I can do cardio, shower, eat, and train clients before I come home for my mid-morning break). This 90 min spacing allows me to get maximal fat burning from Shredabull but not get completely stimmed out by taking 2 pills right away. If things get REALLY crazy, I will take a third pill about 2/3 through my day before my evening clients for the extra fat burning and energy to survive my clients.
  • Stampede Untamed is something that I take on a case-by-case basis throughout the day. Again, I have my phases for about 6 weeks throughout the year where I cut all stims but aside from that I do use the product daily. Most days it’s just 1 scoop about 45 minutes before I train along with my Raging Full, Aminotaur, and Nitr-OX concoction. But there are days that sleep may be limited and I have to bump up to 2 scoops pre-training, and then there are those last few weeks in prep when I am close to zombie mode from limited sleep, low calories, low body fat, and high stress that I need 3 scoops. I try to limit the 3 scoop days as much as possible, but sometimes you have to do everything you can to make your workouts efficient and 3 scoops of Untamed can make a workout during a 72 hour sleepless phase still feel like you’re running on premium fuel!”

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5: Can they be stacked with any other products from the AD range?

Most definitely, and we absolutely recommend doing so.

All the products from the AD range can be stacked together comfortably, but for additional synergy and specific recommendations we recommend stacking both products with the following supplements:

Shredabull Untamed:

  •      Matador (for enhanced nutrient partitioning)
  •      Fiber+ (gut health & to assist with fat loss)
  •      Grazed (prevent adrenal fatigue, boost immune system, preserve muscle when dieting)

Stampede Untamed:

  •      Nitr-OX (enhanced nitric oxide production intra-training)
  •      Raging Full (enhanced cell volumization, nutrient delivery and intra-workout performance)

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