How AD is Unique In The Saturated Supplement Market

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Walking into a supplement store or browsing online to find products can be an extremely overwhelming endeavor. Flashy labeling or mimicked prescription look to packaging draws our eyes to whatever demographic we are in. But it’s what is inside that makes all the difference.

Truth be told a good amount of the products on the market are garbage. Under-dosed, low quality ingredients, or just flat out lying on labelling. The supplement world is a bit of the Wild West with very little oversight. Some of the biggest brands have been popped over the years for these such issues. So you can only imagine what some of these start ups are doing.

Another dirty little secret is a lot of your favorite IG stars supplement line are just under labelling agreements with other bigger companies. There are very few that don’t do private labelling deals which essentially means majority of those products are EXACTLY THE SAME!

So what makes AD special? It’s a commitment to making top quality products. Instead of dumping money into flashy big booths and giving away free product at the drop of a dime, they invest in quality manufacturing and sourcing and continued research to create even better products. It’s a brand that as an athlete on the highest level I put all my faith in. I also put faith into the products with my clients. They realize the difference when they switch over and are willing to pay a few more bucks to ensure they are getting that quality.

The focus of the company is on athlete HEALTH and performance. Health is the driving factor. Look across the product board to see majority of the products boost general health.

  • Ravenous a digestive enzyme that also helps detoxify the body. It’s not just what you can eat, it’s what you can ABSORB.
  • Matador our glucose disposal agent, as athletes we are over carbed typically and put severe strain on our pancreas putting us into pre diabetic state. Matador helps reduce blood sugar levels which takes stress of the need for excessive insulin release, plus helps reduce blood glucose being converted into fat.
  • Liver + and Heart + are excellent formulas to support healthy heart, arterial, blood pressure, liver, and kidney functions.
  • Grazed our super antioxidant greens and reds product is packed with essential micronutrients and ingredients to reduce the oxidative stress we put on our bodies.
  • Fiber + a multi source fiber product with probiotics to keep bowl movements regular and improve intestinal health.

Let’s not forget the out of the park performance products like Shredabull Untamed and Stampede Untamed who most that try can’t fathom how it is even legal because they are so effective!

So top to bottom the AD line is is essential for almost everyone on any level and doesn’t make crazy claims that you will add 20lbs of muscle in 1 bottle! Having a brand I trust and can put my name behind is paramount to me. As they old saying goes “All I have in this world is my word and my balls, and I ain’t breaking either of them for anyone!”

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