How to potentially fix bad cholestrol?

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This is not medical advice nor am I recommending you do this. Just personal opinion on some things I have done for myself. Cholesterol has a lot of misconceptions. A lot of studies show, cholesterol a lot of times doesn’t come from fats etc. It actually comes from high sugar intake as well. So normally if LDL’s are high, ill limit red meat intake and make sure no extra sugar is in diet. Ill than add in some cardio, cut back on CARBS. Yes, white carbs can throw cholesterol off and regular sugared foods and drinks. You do not want high LDL’s lingering long. This damage and build up in arteries over time will cause serious issues later on. So lets go through some of the steps I take to improve cholesterol. I can not take all the credit for this, Dante Trudel, has been one of my mentors and I am grateful to have him teach me many natural ways to improving overall health.

1. I do in fact cut back on the red meat. Eggs are FINE, that’s a myth they make cholesterol worse. But do cut back on red meat a bit.

2. Cut back on any extra sugars. Candy, drinks, etc. Sugar is not only awful for your physique, but it is terrible for cardiovascular function. High glucose in blood does in fact cause issues with arteries and will effect LDL’s.

3. White starchy carbs as well CAN effect LDL’s in some people. So ill actually cut back on them a bit and add in more fiberous veggies and EXTRA AD Fiber +.

4. Add in healthy fats. Coconut Oil, Mac Nut Oil, Avocado’s are some of my favorite. But do not forget your FISH OIL and a high quality KRILL Oil.

5. Supplementation here to bring lipids back to normal is pretty simple

– AD Heart +– 3 Daily
– Ubiquional- 200mg Daily
– Fish Oil- 2-3g AM and 2-3g PM
– Jarrows Krill Oil- 3 Daily
– Thorne Choleast- 3 Daily (ONLY IF LDL’s are severely high)
– Citrus Bergamot- 500mg AM and 500mg PM
– Make sure using MATADOR with all of your carb meals

6. Add in cardio. Get that blood moving, get those LDL’s broken down and out. You should always have some sort of cardio in play even in offseason for endurance, AND HEART health.

Remember, this is not medical advice, I am not a doctor or a medical professional. This is strictly my opinion.

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