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Comparing your life to another is one of the worst things your can do to yourself. When you compare yourself to others you’re pretty much setting up for self-destruction. Everyone lives a different life. We all have had different experiences, prioritize our obligations differently, and are in different spots in our lives.

In bodybuilding it’s easy to say that we put our training and nutrition towards the top of the list. You would think for some people that bodybuilding is the only thing that they do just by judging their social media platforms. There is always more to the surface than the eye can see. Not every part of people’s lives is posted for everyone to see and you need to remember that. Majority of people only post the good things so of course their life is going to look extraordinary and like it comes easy to them. If you were able to see other’s struggles, you might not feel so inadequate when comparing your life to their diligently planned life on social media.

One of the biggest mistakes that your can do is put your life side by side to another who is at the top of the game. You’re just getting started on your journey and can’t expect to be on the same level right out of the gate. Those people that you’re comparing yourself to could have started their passion years ago. They’ve made mistakes and experienced multiple obstacles to make up who they are and where they are today. Be patient, keep working, and your time will come.

Life is not a level playing field. We all have our weaknesses and our strengths. You just have to figure out how to utilize those traits to best improve yourself to where you’re going. Some people are born genetic freaks and some not so much. Just because you’re not built with a perfect frame doesn’t mean that you decide to stop competing. You figure out a way to build the illusion that you’ve got an “X” frame. Don’t put limits on yourself where limits don’t need to be built.

We all choose different paths as we grow. Some people knew at a very young age what they wanted to do and some did not. Some have decided to have kids or not to have kids, go to school, have a career, get married, buy a house, you name it. All of these obstacles are what makes your story unique. Write your book and be proud of it! Put your head down and grind towards your goals.