The Matador Intermittent Diet

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At Project AD, we’ve always recommended Matador both as a bulking and cutting agent, suitable for both leaning out and adding serious muscle. In this article, we’ll focus explicitly on Matador’s ability to be used as a cutting agent for individuals who keep carbohydrates restricted mid-week and typically reload their glycogen on the weekends.

Stage 1: 1-2 Capsules Midweek Each Day

During periods of calorie restriction Matador can help ensure that the little glucose you do consume is utilized effectively by redirecting it into the muscle cells and maximizing energy output.

This is crucial for athletes looking to maintain peak performance during intensive periods of dieting and contest prep.

During these periods, people think glucose disposal agents (GDA’s) are unnecessary.

What they often forget is that protein can be insulinogenic and is susceptible to being broken down for exactly these periods when calories are restricted for long periods of time.

So, we’re still going to use Matador at 1-2 capsules per day (2 on training days, 1 on non-training days) like this:

  •      1 capsule with the biggest meal of the day (highest calories)
  •      1 capsule pre-workout

This will ensure that you’re able to retain muscle fullness and pumps in the gym, crucially delivering nutrients to the muscles and maintaining peak performance.

For an added kick, stack Matador with Nitr-OX or Stampede Untamed during this period.

Stage 2: Welcome to the Weekend!

On the weekend, we’re going to start reloading carbohydrates akin to the standard ketogenic diet.

This is where you’re going to want to aim for a higher meal frequency (upwards of 5-7 meals per day), each meal containing a decent amount of carbohydrates (depending on bodyweight – aim for over 200-400 calories of your maintenance, with 60% of the daily calories coming from carbohydrates, split up over each meal).

With every meal you’re going to want to take 1 capsule of Matador – irrespective of whether it’s first thing in the morning, pre/post-workout or before bed.

This will reload muscle glycogen, partition nutrients towards building muscle and restocking crucial energy reserves for the week ahead when you start to reduce calories once again.

It is during this period that the power of utilizing a GDA will come to the forefront – your muscles feeling incredibly full, vascular, and your body full of energy while still annihilating fat cells and perhaps miraculously, with the potential to even add lean muscle ensuring you’re meticulous with your nutrition.

Concluding Thoughts

Dieting is very hard, especially when it comes to the tail-end of your prep and you need to be 100% dialed in and are struggling for energy.

A glucose disposal agent with Matador’s prowess can alleviate stress and amplify insulin in a positive way, allowing you to hit the stage/your vacation in peak condition while preserving muscle and maximizing fat loss.

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