The Post Show Rebound With Jamie Do Rego IFBB Pro

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The postshow rebound phase is often overlooked by many but if approached correctly we can make huge improvements in a very small time frame.

After a show your body is very anabolic after being restricted of calories and nutrients for an extended time period. An initial increase in calories can bring about huge increase in strength and volume within the muscle. If you optimize food you can make leaps and bounds in progress in a very small time frame whilst holding condition. Think of your body like a sponge during this period… it absorbs 1”” the nutrients and food you give it.

The key to an effective postshow rebound is having a plan In place immediately after a show. Routine is what you have known for weeks during content prep so it’s very important you plan ahead and do not slip out of routine into a posh show binge. A post show binge can be detrimental to your progress post show. Now I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself. I always allow my clients 2-3 days relaxed on the diet but I make it very clear to NOT BINGE. You must establish and keep a good relationship with food, lose concept and control of this and you can slip down into a slippery slope. This relaxed period is simply to give the mind and body a little break before the real work begins.

So how would I approach a post show rebound for my clients?!

By rule of thumb I would go off around 16-18 calories per lb of body wieght… all this will depends on the clients metabolism and response to food. I don’t want to increase too quick because It’s very important they stay tight and allow there body to utilize the calories efficiently. The macros nutrient split will obviously differ client to clients depending on carb sensitivity.. so for example I may but a client on a 30/50/20 split for someone who utilizing carbohydrates. That’s 30% of the calories coming from protein, 50% from carbs and 20% from fats. This will give there body plenty of nutrients and calories to put them in calorie surpluses and help growth.

The food sources used again will differ from client to client. A lot of people prefer to have a varied range of food sources. Foods that would maybe seen as more “relaxed” foods during rebound phases. This can be very beneficial for those who may be more likely to binge eat. If they gets foods that the enjoy and make them feel less restricted they are more likely going to stick to the plan and see it through. Others prefer to keep things very basic as if on a contest prep diet but with larger food volumes. I know personally I prefer to keep off-seaon foods relative basic as it’s what I’m used to. I wouldn’t say either way is right or wrong again it’s all down to the individual at the end of the day and giving them something the can stick to.

Training is the final aspect we must look over during this phase. Now with a huge calorie influx coming in it’s likely you’re going to get strong quick. We must be aware that bodyfat is low so I always recommend easing into your training. Now I’m not saying don’t train hard all out but be vary aware that you are very lean, the joints need time to adapt. Give your body a 2-3 week period of easing into your training before you starting loading crazy amounts of weight on the bar, they key is being smart. Use common sense and logic. If something feels to heavy or hurts a joint don’t be afraid to back off because last thing you want is an injury.

These are the 3 main factors I would take into account during rebound phase. A lot will differ individual to individual but if this phase is optimized you will make great progress in a very short time period.

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