Bodybuilding Knowledge Bites With IFBB Pro Dom Cardone

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1. Can you bypass bad genetics?

– A common question is, “Do you think I have the genetics to go far?”. This isn’t an easy question to answer. The first thing that I usually say is, I don’t know what your ability to put on muscle is. Do you have the ability to continually adding quality muscle tissue, without blowing out your waistline or hurting your health? That is a time thing. Another factor of good genetics, is structure. Wide shoulders, small waist, small joints, big back and legs, how the muscles “tie in”, lines. All of these are genetic and cant be fixed with a supplement or product. It is god given. Sure you can work hard to bring up certain areas, but genetics will always tell the tale. Thats why they always said, you either got it or you don’t. If you could fix this, then we’d see MUCH more freaky up and comers. More people would be going pro and being successful on the pro stage. You can work as HARD as you want, but always, genetics will tell the tale.

2. How to bring up “weak” bodyparts”

– Let me start off by saying, most people who talk about weak points, usually barely even have a base. I usually say unless you’re a pro or top olympian, everything is a weak point. You should not stop training something just because it is a strong point. Train everything equally hard! That being said, let’s say you have a weak chest like me. For many years I trained my chest wrong. My shoulders would take over, my from was ballistic. I was ego lifting. So make sure your form is picture perfect. Next, are you actually training hard? A lot of people today think they are training hard, using scientific terms and weird techniques to sway away from actually working hard. TRAIN HARD AND GO TO FAILURE! If you’re eating a solid diet, taking supplements, and especially if taking gear, it is very hard to over train.

If all of these bases are covered, then you can look into possibly adding more. Maybe have a full heavy chest day Monday, and a “pump” chest day on Thursday. Before you do this, just make sure your actually training your chest to the max on the one day. Utilize peri workout nutrition with Raging Full and Aminotaur while you train. These can be great tools when trying to break through plateaus! Aside from all of this, you have to be really honest with yourself when addressing all these points.

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